During Places Synthetic That is Best in Test

Underwear in synthetic optimally when to run, bike or cross-country skiing. We tested six functional underwear for you to find the right model for you.

There is a wide selection of underwear, so it can be difficult to know which one suits you. Different materials have different advantages, depending on what activity you engage in. A good rule to start with is that the more intense activity, you must dedicate yourself, the more synthetic materials, choose. Underwear made of wool are great when you want to have a warming effect, like when you go alpine and alternates between being active and, for example, sit on a platform where it can be cold. But when you are engaging in an activity where you are moving all the time, such as running, cycling or cross-country skiing, the underwear in synthetic good choice, because they help the body to regulate the heat you create when you move. They thus breathe beter than wool does, and are better able to wick away sweat.

We have let a group of people to test six of synthetic underwear so you should be able to click home right model just for you.

The test panel’s verdict:

You can as your functional material might react to this in instead contains nearly one-third cotton. But thanks to the fabric consists largely of polyester makes Misty at a good functional clothing that is perfect for quick walks, play with the kids or jog.

– The heat is just right for a run in the autumn, but breathe in a very good way. You can even see the breathing holes in the fabric, says one of the women who tested the site.

Another thing that stands out with Misty, the wallet-friendly price, which is a joint thumb up of all the testers.

– You get a lot of underwear for money, says one woman.

The fit then? The test panel think that is good, and that the length of the arms and legs are ideal if you are “normal length”. The sweater is pretty short and ends just above the buttocks and hips above the tubers. The tights are spacious thighs and calves, but fairly low sitting over the butt.

– Do you have a booty like Beyoncé, you might have to go up a size. The upper part is too small in size and sit tight shoulders and even the chest if you’re curvy. Then, I prefer the seamless-underwear from Wyte, which fits a curvy body a little better, says one of the testers.

Misty-over places in three blocks color combinations, and the test panel liked the colors are strong.

– The blue color is clear and strong and gives energy, I think it’s fine.

The test panel’s verdict:

Kari Traa is famous for making underwear sticking out with fine patterns and Sjølvsagt Set is no exception. This is a base layer for those who like bright colors and love to choose a bold print.

The fit of the underwear is stretchy tight, and arms and legs are normally long. The shirt goes down a little over the hips, which warms wonderfully. Two of the subjects desired that the elastic waist could be somewhat wider as it has a tendency to roll down a bit.

– The place is so tight that there sausages during the other garments, and gives a nice silhouette, but it is not so tight that it hinders the way I move, says one of the testers.

Several of the panel commented on how good they think the place is. A woman used it even as musk leather home between löpturerna.

While it is gratifying to wear the underwear that you feel fine in, it is still the function that is most important. As the cross country season has not started yet, our test panel löptränat in Sjølvsagt Set.

– I have been running and enjoyed it over tights and running jacket, and it was so good that wick away sweat and breathe that I barely knew I had it in me, says one woman.

Another woman stopped at utegym when she ran and felt that she had to keep going to not get cold.

– But I experienced only when I ran when I took a walk and stopped at utegym on the road, I felt not that I was cold in the same way.

The test panel’s verdict:

“Just in time” is a word that recurs when the test panel give their reviews about the Active Set of Craft.

– This is a “moderate” underwear that works well for the everyday exerciser. It does its job! says one of the women.

The testers find that the place was moderately warm on a chilly autumn day, while being transported away moisture well.

– When you move and get sweaty there’s nothing you think because the sweat does not feel the body. It was perhaps a little cold when I stood still for a longer period, but when I was running so it worked just fine, says another tester who played football in the place.

In contrast, some of the testers little problem with the size. A test person felt that the pants were great while the shirt was tight, while another tester found that the sweater was perfect, and estimated that it is a bit longer, but felt his pants as tight. If you are between two sizes, test each to see which size fits best.

– In the place gets plus for not sausages and that it has no seams to rub. Do you want a simple, basic underwear for a good price I would recommend this! says one woman. READ MORE: Autumn big test of trail shoes for women

The test panel’s verdict:

The material of this underwear is comfortable and feels seamless. It slides easily in and sit tight like a glove like our tester.

– The model is a bit lighter portions of the knees, shoulders, biceps and chest, giving the impression of a little more well-conditioned exterior, does not make things worse! says one of the testers.

Another of the testers think it resembles something Batman would wear under the suit when he fights crime during cooler nights.

– The only negative thing is the material that I could experience it as slightly electrically charged when I would pull me off it. But a little discomfort may be as superhero sometimes live with if we are to see the brazen out, ha ha, he says.

The test panel had no comment on the terms of the agency’s operation. They felt that the sweat is transported away good during your run and the fabric dried quickly afterwards. During calmer activities kept the heat well.

– A stylish, comfortable and versatile underwear. Perfect for those with an active lifestyle, or for those who want to cozy up as a superhero in the sofa. Are highly recommended!

The test panel’s verdict:

Craft’s underwear Active Set is made of polyester and has air ducts closest to the skin that not only wicks away moisture, but also heats. The performance was appreciated even by our test panel.

– I use the place when I cycle to work and it keeps me both warm and dry, says one of the men who tested it.

In place of fit is described by testers as body close and it’s nice sweater goes down a bit over the waistband of long underwear.

– I have long arms, and sometimes experience that the sleeves of the shirts may be a bit too short for me, but that was not the case with this sweater, said one person.

Regular price for the set is wallet-friendly 349 crowns. For that you get a good underwear no extra features.

– It’s a workhorse in the set-stall, it feels durable and does the job expected of it.

The test panel’s verdict:

In place Haze consists of a mix of polyester and some cotton. But the test pilots who trained in the place did not feel that it affected the garments functional properties.

– I have both golfat and run in the place. It kept me warm during both activities, but I felt too hot, and it took care of sweat good so it never felt stuffy or sticky, says one of the testers.

The magnitude experienced as something small, perhaps because the place has a tight fit. If you are between two sizes, so try both.

– I tested size large, but perhaps should have tried extra large. The fit was tight, which I like, but it was slightly short in the arms and legs, something that maybe is because I should have gone up a size? says one of the testers whose size is between large and extra large.

In place is patterned block and across the chest is a seam parts of the gray color from the black. A person in the test panel found that the seam was a little annoying at first but then turned. Generally described the place as nice and comfortable to wear.

The price of 249 SEK is difficult to compete with.

– I would recommend it to a friend but maybe take a size larger than what you would usually take.