Everything You Should Know about Autumn News From the Craft

Thin, light and flexible. So, the clothes seem to be able to enjoy a successful run – and that is exactly what the Craft had in mind when they created the autumn collection.

Craft is to be reckoned with when it comes to sportswear and it is inevitable to miss how good the quality is of the clothes when they go on before the workout.

An adjustment from the summer collection is the new reflective details, which make you visible in the darkness. In the shadow of autumn big running news kompressionstightsen (which you can read about HERE) is now also a new collection of mix-and-match underwear.

AUTUMN NEW 1 Super Tight Compression Tights

Compression Tights facilitate your training because by pressure on the muscles increases blood flow and thus your performance. Craft does not say that the compression tights in itself makes you a better athlete, but through surveys, they have been able to see that the garment provides a heightened sense of muscle, which creates positive energy, which in turn affects your training results.

Whether you will be the next Usain Bolt or not, we can at Sports Amore certify that compression tights are nice to have when you exercise. One of our test subjects expressing the following about women’s basic duties of the Delta Compression Tight in our large compression tights test:

– It may be superficial, but I feel so great in these kompressionstightsen! The fabric is thick, the fit is cruel and the seam is completely perfect, so legs look sick trained in these. I accept this recognition!

AUTUMN NEW 2: The perfect running jacket

In addition to Delta Compression is running jacket Devotion part of the collection that hangs since last season. Devotion is intended for those who are running as a lifestyle and exercising several times a week.

The clothes have been designed with special focus on efficient moisture transportation, ergonomic fit and good stretch. These Suits long sleeves also has reflective details for you to be seen in the dark.

AUTUMN NEW 3: Must have-tischan

Among this autumn löparnyheter are also Mind tees. With these T-shirts have the Craft had the idea to create a funtionell slider t-shirt for those who want to achieve a meditative feeling during your run. They are available in both long and short sleeve.

As Devotion are the garments distinguishing features rapid moisture transport, ergonomic fit and reflective details, but with more focus on a soft and comfortable material. The fabric is also adapted for your headphones, all that you will not have as many distractions as possible during your run.

Craft’s new collection simply has everything you need for the autumn upgrading Yoke closet. Take the opportunity to check out all the news and Crafts click home autumn fairest run outfit HERE.