Fabric Necklace DIY

The spring is upon us, we begin to get rid of down jackets, coats and scarves. In better days we can venture a jacket over a nice shirt or a dress. And round her neck a necklace, possibly a flashy jewelry that can give personality to our look. You love DIY? You are able to use the sewing machine? Today we join in making a fabric necklace.

Fabric Necklace DIY

The great thing about this series is that you can create using recycled materials, scraps of cloth that you already have in your home or old scarf that you inherited from your grandmother and I’m not your kind. And to fill the tubing you will use many balls made with paper mache or, if you do not want to cimentarvici, wood beads.

Here’s how explained by Creator in the video for DIY necklace I found on  abbreviationfinder. In short, we need a strip of fabric that you are going to sew on the fringes and many balls of paper mache.

To make fine measurements, just wrap a ball around the fabric and add 2 cm for stitching.

After cutting the fabric and sewing the edges, you have to turn it using an iron or a Chinese chopstick.

Then put all the balls in a tubular, we identify the half and from there we begin to stop the balls by wrapping the cloth with some sight of cotton yarn (which we will choose the same color or contrast) and a knot.

Once the balls, the best way is close by sewing the two edges of the sleeve and tie together the necklace around her neck.

You will see that your child will ask you!