Facts and Myths about Bras

We share with you a few common myth bras and trivia about one of the sexiest models in women’s wardrobe.

Facts and Myths about Bras

Myth: WHEN YOU SLEEP WITH A Bra, Do Tight Bust

Some women believe that if you spend 24 hours wearing bra bust them will be tight and shapely. This is a lie. The truth is that the bra will not affect the shape of your breasts, and will only create discomfort while you sleep.

Fact: The bust of a woman and her cup size can be changed to goals 6 times in her life.

Myth: When You Do Not Wear A Bra, Your Breasts Sag

The truth is that if you do not wear a bra, your breasts just returned to the original form. Just in most cases it is not as perfect as when you look in the mirror, wearing the perfect bra.

Fact: Women have an average of about 9 bras approximately 8 of them are sexy and aim to sablaznyavat, and only 1 bet on comfort and enjoy in “those” days.

Myth: The Cups Adhere to Chest

90% of the task bra is taken not from cups rather than weighted, which fasten and passes under the bust. It should be well tight and tucked in to hold the cups in place. The remaining 10% is borne by the straps, which are also harvested cups.

Fact: 27% of women once it has happened to refuse to buy new clothes because no suitable bra for her.

Myth: White Bra Is Not Visible Under Clothing

If you really want your bra is not noticeable, then just go to the store and buy one with skin color that is as close to your skin color. So, whatever you wear, the color of the bra will not interfere.

FACT: The average life of a bra is about 9 months to 1 year. The truth is that as quality is, frequent washing sooner or later deformed cups and matter can be worn.

Myth: Bras not Be Washed As Often

Bras should be washed at least once a week. Sweating, oily skin, dust and other dirt can not visible as other stains on clothes, but are actually there and not hygienic not treat them properly.

Myth: All Brands Bras Have The Same Table Size

Like other clothing sizes may vary from model to model in various brands and in bras table is not always fully meet the truth. Therefore, it is recommended that you measure bras.

Fact: According to the latest study, the average size of the cups of the bra in the world is 36C, which corresponds to 80C and thus debunks the myth that cup B is the most common.