Fashion Comfortable Shoes

Spring 2010 bode well if you look at trends in shoes: slippers and sandals comfortable back in fashion!

Fashion Comfortable Shoes

It is not surprising that the fashion world back to heels medium, small or non-existent.

Shoes with high heels are hard to wear and at the end of the day you come up with so many hassles, muscular problems, diseases of tendons but thin line and elongate your leg!And for some advantage, we are ready to suffer, literally!
Victoria Beckham renunciation for one day to heels and fashion publications, behaving as if the world had turned upside down. A friend told me that in the nine months of pregnancy and managed to give up heels because shoes no heels or in those sports were dizzy. Amazing but true!
There are plenty of women who are unable to walk that in heels, and in these cases the heels become a way of life. Their extravagant creations are love and high fashion designers Alexander McQueen, while others head for comfort and practicality.
Max Azria has heels and Cork platforms in Herve Leger, and Karl Lagerfeld collection is inspired by the Netherlands and is wear wooden soled shoes Chanel models. The Parisian brand that makes and breaks the trend gives way to a spring where we wear comfortable shoes!
The female Marc Jacobs will be wearing this spring sandals and shoes without heels, and Ann Valerie Hash makes wear at his models simple canvas sport shoes. The fashion house Chloe mimics the Greek style of shoe and gives us some braided leather around the leg, with a fine sole and flat.
Even Miuccia Prada, designer dedicated to very high heel shoes, has included in its submission selected models with low heels, or plexiglas heels and soles. Accessories are another trend in fashion to be followed in the next season!
Inspired by trends of the fashion capitals and at last appearances in stores, and invest in a pair of stylish shoes!
If you’re one of the women who do not consider even the shoes without heels, we give you some clues for a lovely walk on high heels!
Try to buy shoes slightly bigger because feet itll help a bit, even if the shoes are comfortable. When the shoes you are narrow, and more comfortable to walk and not come home with agony.
When you wear heels, your weight rests on the front of the foot and toes, what means that you’ll completely other movements when you walk. Experts recommend resting on the ground at the same time both the heel that the toe of the shoe, not press down too hard on fingers talking on the leg.
It is important to make a little bigger when you walk on high heels, because you will have most graceful posture, with your back very straight.

You are one who always wears high heels or you are happy with the new trend this spring? Tell us!