Fashion Trends for Businessmen

Businessman will tend to reinvent his style. The clothes incorporate in their closet are versatile and easy to combine so that they can create looks today without sacrificing simplicity in 2016. Think about it, Pilar Medina, Design Manager of ARTURO CALLE, explains what they have in the closet and that must be renewed at the beginning of the year.

Fashion Trends for Businessmen

What garments from the masculine wardrobe should be renewed in the new year?

There are two key items for renewal to achieve new outfits without much effort: jackets and shirts. Opposite the first, it is necessary to point out that in a masculine wardrobe you should not miss:

  • A denim jacket: who arrive in a more fitted silhouette and deep blue;
  • A blazer: ideal for spontaneous and elegant outfits at the same time (this year the cobalt blue will be imposed in this article;
  • A basic cotton jacket: allowing outfit to look casual and sporty, which will be available in shades with more brightness;
  • A good wool jacket: which gives you a sober and refined touch to the wardrobe of every day.

With regard to the latter, keep in mind that with a wide variety of shirts, you can achieve a number of formal combinations. And this year, we advise them, include in your closet a couple of shirts of silhouettes fair, with cuffs and collar in contrast; a fashion to be imposed in the fashion world.

How many suits should a business man have?

At least 5 options of costumes in the following colors: the inevitable blue (the most important color in formal male attire), the modern grey-toned medium and dark (since they are very easy to combine) and the emblematic black that will always be a basic for formal occasions and ceremony.

In terms of materials, suggested the use of suits of wool, a natural fiber that offers comfort and breathability, which is quite suitable for executives, given their long hours of work. Toggle the dresses, it will favour the recovery of the fiber and will prevent the loss of structure of the suit.

And how many pairs of shoes?

The number of pairs will depend on the lifestyle that each man carried. The general recommendation is to have at least 5 pairs of shoes in black, brown and blue; a new color for the formal shoes will be seen this year.

As additional suggestion for executives, we propose them the use of a pair of boots in shades of carmel which will serve as a complement to the casual outfits, that tend to look the last workday of the week.

When you end the life of a suit?

The loss of color and structure of the suit are signs of the end of its useful life. Likewise, trends play a role in this issue. Every day we launched to the market new fashion proposals for executives who encourage them to update her wardrobe. This does not mean that those who prefer traditional styles should abandon them, but if it is a invitation to innovate in small details.

What accessories may not miss in the closet of a businessman in 2016?

We were used to seeing the man with shovel wide ties, and in recent years we have witnessed how it become increasingly narrow, becoming accessories current and cutting edge that may be missing from the masculine wardrobe this year. In terms of textures, we suggest ties with “miniprints”, with much glitter and the woven to gain prominence.

Finally, to the more modern, we advise you to wear a pochette or a pin with your formal attire, as well as custom belts, which will make the difference.

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