Fendi: Dance and Fashion

I love the dance. I push the thin and slender figures of the dancers and their graceful, delicate and ethereal movements are hypnotic to me. Something similar happens with the models. They have bodies out of the ordinary and parade marking a special rhythm that enchants and prevents look.

With this resemblance, it is normal that both disciplines have converged. Have done so in a fashion editorial It publishes the Magazine February issue Vogue Italy. Curiously, all the dresses that are outlined in the photographs that Mark Seliger signs are of Fendi, and this is what misleads a little: what is the role of Fendi in the equation Danza-Moda?

If someone a funny answer, which do not hesitate to share it with us in the comments. Meanwhile, enjoy the images, which are a joy (to see if they inspire you an explanation). By the way, would have you noticed in the? Cameo from “the Russian Carrie Bradshaw? The character Aleksandr Petrovsky of Sexo en Nueva York It was played by the dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov.

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