For Tight Clothes – a Classic Style Now!

For lounging clothes look like crap, but tight clothes are not neat, and it’s all too common!

An all too common style failure is to take anything too hard on the recommendation “tailored look.” A tailored look are clothes that are so good that they could be customized. This usually means clothes that are relatively tight. One should of course avoid excessive shirts, pants too big, etc. Nothing is out and tasteless as oversized. But the “tailoring” does not mean the super-slim, as many seem to think.

All too often one sees who said men who take too hard on the “tailoring” and has small pants, shirts, shirts and suits. If a jacket folds at the sides when you strum it, it’s too small. If you show your stomach when you are moving, it is t-shirt too small, etc. So think about it, “tailoring” is not about super slim fit, it is about clothes that are perfect! Below is a picture showing how the clothes will sit, and some examples of how they should sit.

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