Funky Leggings New Look

And with the reentry are here on a rainy day. Here it’s been a few days that one no longer knows how to dress in the morning. It’s still hot, but the humidity is present. I start to put to bed the little dresses of Willow (reluctantly…) and to predict clothing more appropriate for autumn. Although I think keep him still putting some skirts, I have a lot of trouble finding nice tights. I’m crazy about prints: polka dots, stripes, graphics, reasons… and unfortunately I feel in tights for baby we don’t think nothing of the kind! And then the tights in big wool very little for me.

Worse time, I found a good compromise on the sticky: the Leggings Cette year I’m spoiled because precisely the great trend are printed jeggings with tops. Perfect for keeping warm small chubby thighs to my little witch while having a quite original look!

I found my happiness at La Redoute (the new collection is to fallen!), designs graphics and pink pastel, I love. And then also on E-Bay for Leggings with Pandas, bears and the clouds, a little more Black and White.

With a printed t-shirt or a blouse that is United, that’s pretty look for fall. In any case I love!