Gareth Pugh in The Week of The Fashion of Paris Spring-Summer 2009

From everything I have seen in the Paris fashion week so far, my favorite name, has been Gareth Pugh. The collection introduced by the English is of the of hats off. The gateway converted in art scene, as only great designers can make.

Although it is true, that the proposals of the young designer (nothing else has 31 years), they are only to look at, but there always has to be someone who take care of our senses, since the pleasure of sight and to observe such designs, is priceless. Its career has settled in novelty, in breach in its context, as it is the gateway, and play with geometric shapes.

The latter in Paris It has been to do. It has reinvented the woman and it has led her to several centuries ahead, so many that one he is short the futuristic adjective, rather it creates your world Gareth Pugh with each fashion show.

For the season spring-summer in the coming year, Gareth Pugh taking inspiration from the time of the Greco, among other noticeable in its collection. We see dresses with the gola at that time, only that here takes a splendor this part to incalculable levels. Well only in white, or combining this color with black.

The game of opposites will keep all garments. Well prefer the most modern folds, or own finishes of a cyborg, There are no limits, as if forms are finished, we’ll enter other pleated layers or rectangular. A pleasure to the eye.

Dresses are transformed, shelters are not simple garments to cover of the cold, and the finishes of the garments, are orgeys geometric shapes. How laudem registration again for Gareth Pugh, by innovating and daring, pure fashion.