Good Halloween Costume Ideas 2016

The scariest holiday of the year is coming: Halloween. On the night of October 31 to November 1, the original Irish custom is now celebrated here too large. What may be missing that night in no case is the perfect disguise. You are still looking for the perfect Halloween costume for Gruselparty? Here are some tips and ideas about the perfect Halloween outfit for you.

Good Halloween Costume Ideas 2016

Halloween Costume Trends of This Year

At the Halloween classics include this year costumes as zombie, vampire, ghost, grim reaper, witch or mummy. The selection of appropriate panels is huge, ranging from the classic creepy look to something more beautiful versions of scary costumes. Especially women want on Halloween to look fearsome, but also beautiful or sexy. Increasingly are therefore also costumes in vogue heretofore actually rather worn at Carnival. For example, disguises as police officer, pirate or fairy tale characters also at Halloween with ladies very popular.

For men in addition to the classics, especially superhero costumes like Iron Man or Captain America are a good alternative. A classic is this year at Madam however equally popular: the zombie. This is successful series like “The Walking Dead” or horror film remakes owe. The figures from film and television serve as inspiration for a zombie disguise of a special kind. Who is not a fan of these figures, other costume ideas can implement. For principle applies in disguise as a zombie that any shape can be a zombie. Women can therefore for example, first dress up as cheerleaders, stewardess or schoolgirls and are a few accessories for Zombie. The same goes for men. You can dress up as a zombie that have become as a policeman or basketball player.

Panels with Little Effort

A special classic for the Panel muffle among you are creepy Halloween masks. Just a skeleton mask or vampire mask set up, possibly wearing proper clothing and the Halloween costume is completed in less than five minutes.Another panel with little effort and trend this year are T-shirts with creepy motifs. The chill factor is here already printed, so that you do not necessarily even have to use additional artificial blood or other clothing accessories. With the appropriate T-shirt you will, for example, very quickly to zombie office worker with out hanging intestines and bloodied torso.

Simple DIY Halloween Costumes

You want a costume off the rack or need a last-minute solution for your great performance at the Halloween party? With just a few accessories can be in no great Halloween costumes conjure. Quite easily goes as the cladding as a ghost. For this, your only needed a large white bed sheet, a pen and a pair of scissors. You pull the sheets over your head, so that it covers the whole body. Then you marked with a pencil the places where you must then cut holes.These include the eyes, nose and for a little more freedom of movement and the arms. You cut out the holes and ready is the ghost costume.

Also popular for making your own is the previously mentioned zombie costume. For this you need only an old piece of clothing, a pair of scissors, make-up and some fake blood. The old clothes is processed with scissors at will, that a tattered look is created. Then you can also smudge quite to your liking clothes with fake blood and instant coffee powder. For the face needs your white and black theater color and also some fake blood. The advantage is that the makeup must be applied no particularly nice and clean. Here you can therefore also so subtle or striking deal with the color as you like it. Suggestions and tips can be found to numerous video portals such as YouTube. You might want to also wear colored contact lenses to look even scarier.