Guide: Find the Right Rubber Boots for Kids

All children love to splash in puddles, but it will be much more fun if the socks are dry even after jumping in puddles. The expert knows how to find the perfect rubber boots to your child.

Buying rubber boots to a child is not as tricky as it might seem. High or low is a matter of taste, so far edge of the boot is so high that it causes chafing. Start by measuring the foot and add 15 millimeters. Then after a size guide if available. After that, let the baby try the boots.

– The most important thing when buying boots is that you choose a pair that fits well on the foot and is made of natural rubber, says Johan Elvstrand Viking footwear. Why is it good to buy boots in natural rubber? – When buying wellies in natural rubber, you get a completely different quality and durability of your boots. Boots of the higher proportion of natural rubber does not crack as easily and are more durable. Our natural rubber boots is built by hand and consists of 25 to 50 parts, depending on what kind of category. It’s definitely worth spending money on quality and there is obviously a difference between a pair of expensive and a pair of expensive boots. How many pairs of rubber boots, a child should have? – Two pair I think is good. Then a couple of being at home and a few left in preschool. Can I as a parent to know that the boots are actually waterproof? – Ask about the quality tested. We at the Viking tests all of our couples we manufacture in the factory and all the couples we sell is 100 percent waterproof. One tip is that you take on the rain pants over Wellington if the child is going to jump in puddles, so that no water enters through the shaft. How do I get the boots to keep as long as possible? – Take care of your boots, wash them if they get dirty, it makes them last longer. Do not let rubber boots dry in heat or direct sunlight, the rubber can dry out and discolor. Use a silicone spray or silicone sponge to lubricate and give the boots a longer life.