Gym Bags Backpacks

Gym Bags Backpacks are indeed great shakes and I love her madly. They can be washed, put together small and are just super convenient.

Both concerts, city stroll and travel as well as for cycling and shopping I find such Turnbeutel lace.
I’ve even sewn into my small cell phone pocket, and the phone will not wild in the bags flying around. Everyone can sew course as many subjects as he needs.

For Turnbeutel You Need:

38x84cm material inside
38x84cm fabric exterior
additional material for loops, I have the inner fabric used
additional material for the inner bag, here I have the outer fabric used
4m cotton cord at least 6mm thick
or 15m cotton cord (6x 2.5m for braiding, if you the Kordel want a little thicker)


1) First you have of course the material be cut. That these measurements 2cm darts are already included on all sides.

2) loops Runstitch: I just sewed a 2.5 cm wide and 6 cm long fabric into a tube together and using a knitting needle flipped. Thus, for a hose that can be used perfectly as a loop.Getting the whole thing for the 2nd loop again again.

Prepare 3) inside pockets: depending on what you want to pour in all, just my phone, cut the size and the sides sew beautiful in my case. The bag only at the inner fabric sew, thus obtaining the seam from the outside does not look at the finished bag.

4) The inner and outer fabric sew sides together and sew a little more than half, the flap folded inwardly with. Before the second side is sewn inside pocket needs to be sewn on the inner cloth.

5) Now on the other hand sew the fabrics and do not forget the second loop just over half.

6) At the top and bottom of the fabric sew the fabric and a 4cm wide tunnel and sew. a fabric thread sewn into the tunnel on both sides, so that the cord can then permeate better.

Sew 7) The front and back of the backpack the right and left and the tunnel for the cord to omit it. Only until the seam of the tunnel sew.

8) The cord must be twice pulled into the tunnel of the pack opening, so that the lightweight backpack can open well and close. I have woven the cotton cord, so that the wearing comfort is better and the cord does not cut with heavier backpack that. Thin cords cut a in heavy weight of the backpack into the skin, so I recommend a thick cord as possible.

9) Pull the cord using the yarn twice through the tunnel and tie it to the sewn loops below. But I have just tied the thread around the cord, they pulled into the tunnel, have in turn allow the cord to thread again withdraw so that the second cord from the other side the same way can be pulled through the tunnel easily. Sounds complicated, but it is not so bad.

On this drawing I tried amateurishly recorded, must as extend the cords. One is here shown in blue and the other green.

After that you should for example some weight. Books in the backpack load, so you can see at what level the back he actually sits. Once you are satisfied with the address and the length of the cord, tie well and cut.

And already there, as in my case go to the city stroll Enjoy sew!