H & M Does Forever 21 – Bags Like Wearing?

H & M takes the hard line against the competing budget chain Forever 21st

Recently, they submitted a lawsuit to a court in New York.

H & M accuses the Los Angeles-based chain of copying a bag, writes Thefashionlaw.com.

H & M has filed a lawsuit to a court in New York.

In accusing the Swedish clothing chain Forever 21 at four points. In short, this is that they think they copied one of their bags.

In court documents the fashion law. Comhave read the writing H & M to one of their own designers developed a graphic print with the words “Beach Please” to use their bags.

The bag went on sale in the US in April 2014, according to H & M “was it well received thanks to its distinctive design,” and has sold thousands of copies since.

H & M does Forever 21

Around the same time as the bag went on sale registered the Swedish chain copyright of pressure. Something that went through more than a year later, in June 2015.

In court documents accusing H & M Forever 21 for start selling a nearly identical version of the bag, despite knowing that H & M has already offered a “Beach Please” – bag.

“Defendant has employed one or more enterprises in China to manufacture and import the bag to the US… Many of Defendant’s products are manufactured in China. Defendant has also been accused of copyright infringement earlier.”

Now like H & M to the Court decides to Forever 21 should immediately stop manufacturing, marketing and selling its version of the bag.