Hair Trend: The Courage To The Natural Grey

I can only imagine what it’s like to discover the very first gray hair on the head: between Oh, God!, AHA, and Han, all this should be funny. But shock, surprise and wit are mostly just a fraction away from each other. I have luck, when I say that this topic will most likely too early also still not will befall me, as my dearest MOM nor my father with mid 50 great grey are. However, there is a solid project: of course to be grey. Admitted, that is not concerned simply and plump shake from the sleeves and therefore say, so many beautiful women make me these days but simply leaves:

I mean not the beautiful lady of Nivea advertising, presenter Sarah Harris or Bharath from the Céline campaign advertising at this point, natural beauties on the road driving me Herzchenen currently in the eyes. Everything started with my visit to Paris a few weeks ago: delicate strands of gray pull dark hair; confident women, decorated with the image of the road as timeless and cute dressed. And also here in Berlin I talked already with the an or other grey straggly-Lady of my age – and was immediately in love with so much charisma and natural self understanding. The new, old, natural grey – and what do you say?

I’m at this point pretty sure that equally many women and men at this point violently will shake his head – and yet I am sure that here something natural is upon us. Grey is not older, but maybe more mature it. Grey will be colored anywhere, why not naturalness sit? And gray is still a rarely seen color of hair in young women despite more natural process – must stand out and attract attention here not even negative meant be. I’m certainly heavy for a naturally beautiful invasion of the female George Clooney’s in this world – complete with wrinkles and all other natural Pipapo.

End of the dyeing factory? But says: come for you at all in question?