Harry Potter Dobby Sweatshirt

Disclaimer: Kevin, former intern BonneGueule and blogger Renardeau, returns in our columns to tell you about a brand that appreciate: Black Flag.

He therefore tested for you their shirt dobby and their  sweatshirt Dobby  too, and give you tips on how to wear them, before giving its opinion on the brand.

Kevin, the floor is yours.

You’ve never heard of Black Flag? Today is the opportunity for you to fall in love with a new brand in the rich philosophy and effective design!

From the dress (of avocado) to the perfecto

I introduce you first Nicolas Barbier, founder of the brand Drapeau Noir. To summarize his adventure, it is the story of a lawyer who sticks everything overnight to make clothes. We’re holding a Hollywood scenario, are not we?

Through its brand, Nicolas wants to convey something strong, while remaining simple, modest and above all authentic. Basically, he wanted to remain himself. He’s a good guy, I swear!

His universe is impregnated with a dark spirit with scents of burnt gum and gasoline. A world of “man” might be summarized at the end of Anglo-Saxon  “badass”,  which literally means “tough guy.”

Hence the name Black Flag, a strong symbol of the “anarchist” movement and freedom. But let us remember that the brand does not hold any political position!

Black Flag, a love story that must last as long as possible

The brand offers clothes with a beautiful design, accessible to all men and without pretension.But what makes the richness of the product lies mainly in the shaping and the quality of the chosen fabrics.

Indeed, Nicolas decided to use fabrics exclusively from Japan for his first collection . Like us, you start to get used to, and will surely recognize some fabrics that you are already familiar: the knitted cotton on Tsuri machinery , or chambray Kuroki.

The pieces are then made in Europe, in countries like Portugal.

Test of the white shirt in dobby Flag Black (120 €)

Let’s start without further delay by the presentation of this shirt: the strong point of this piece, it is obviously its original fabric and nicely worked.

What I like is that at first glance it looks like a simple white shirt with black dots, but actually no! These black spots are the result of an embroidery performed on all tissue, which makes the blow a nice relief to the room.

The cut is slightly fitted, allowing to give a structured look in any circumstance. For my part, it is a long hair, which is why I decided to “break” the length by tying a sweat around my waist.

The shirt is very comfortable, and can also be worn without clothing underneath, without feeling the embroidery to the touch.

Finally, it can be worn open, closed, with a t-shirt underneath or not. You are free to take ownership of the folder as you wish, and it is precisely in this way that it was made: the goal is to ensure that those who wear the garment can take ownership in their own way.

Dobby Sweatshirt Black Flag (130 €)

After discovering our collaboration with Benjamin Jezequel BGBJ the sweat, you could discover, for some, that this piece was not just for teens. As we have proved, the sweat can perfectly integrate with casual outfits as a little sharper.

Black flag shares the idea that we have of sweat in BonneGueule, and offers clothing well cut, the really relevant Issue.

As you have seen, the sweat can be worn on a shirt to offer a perfectly neat combo.

I also offer you a not very common way to wear his sweatshirt, inside the pants. It’s confusing, but it’s the kind of possibility I like to explore with my clothes. This can reinforce the dressier aspect of the outfit, with or without shirt underneath, although I’m aware that it’s not to everyone’s liking.

You can also turn the edge-side inward, for a less relaxed, casual look.

And finally, wear it in a basic way, but I’m less fan. The look seems less finished, and does not give the impression of mastering the piece.

Note by Geoffrey: What Kevin says, while illustrating it in photo, is extremely correct. Of course, we speak of an advanced look, which will not stick to all circles. But if you focus on pure aesthetics and you forget the usual big rules, you realize that the look works much better with the sweatshirt tucked into the pants, as confusing as it sounds.

Material level, it is a nice and original and fleece flecked cotton, which gives effect and texture equally interesting to the view that touch.

On the back of the sweatshirt, the liner has a woolly texture. What I find very interesting is that still retains that spirit “cocoon” and very comfortable right here, without necessarily having the look of the guy who hangs in front of his TV on a Sunday afternoon.

I find the neck properly conducted, especially compared to its opening . It makes it possible to clearly see the collar of the shirt that will be carried underneath, without allowing to pass beyond the collar of the t-shirt, if one chooses to wear it like that.

Here, a photo of the sweatshirt on the Dobby shirt. The collar of the shirt stands out very well and is not stifled by the sweatshirt. On the contrary, I even find that the shirt is highlighted.

Drapeau Noir: our opinion

Before testing and seeing the products of the brand, I saw only shirts bringing very little to the current casual fashion. But what must be understood in Black Flag is that the first one focuses on quality and the choice of fabrics. It is on this point that resides the strength of the ensign.

After touching and wearing the clothes, my opinion was immediately forged. The clothes are comfortable, and perfectly able to integrate with other parts of my wardrobe.

The fabrics are really beautiful, and the attention on the product is really noticeable when you see the multitude of details that have clothes , all with a very honest value.

I believe hard as an adventure Flag Black, and I sincerely invite you to monitor the brand up close.