Here’s How to Tie His Shoes Nicely! 4 Classic!

The old classic lacing is tabling fun

To tie your shoes tidy is so clear about how you laces them. Most of us probably do something with the old standard lacing where they go diagonally across each other, but want to get to a little clean are look so is the straight lacing perfect!

If you already know how to lace up the shoes, but feel you need to learn how to tie them so you should check out this guide instead.

Here are 4 video guides on how to proceed to tie his shoes nicely!

1: Lace the shoes to the straight lines with knot

Simple, stylish and clean. This is the most popular lacing, especially when it comes to costume shoes.

And yet another guide to straight lacing

Because everyone learns different so I feel that it is reasonable to throw in yet another guide to the classic “straight lacing”.

2: Lace the shoes to the straight lines without a murmur

I’m sure if I prefer straight lacing with or without kunt when it comes to tying his shoes nicely. If you prefer no visible knot, it is the video below, you should check out, you want the knot so you must scroll up a bit.

3: Lace the shoes of a star

If you think straight lacing feels a bit stiff and boring, then this is the laces for you! An ordinary star-lacing. Maybe not as convenient or easy to tighten, but you stand in any case out of the crowd.

4: Lace the shoes stylish but different

I do not really know what to call this type of lacing. But I agree that it is right neat.