H&M Spring Summer 2016

H & M spring summer catalogue 2016 2016 tip on major seasonal must-haves on basics but also on proposals fashionistas to wear during your free time and evening. Between suits for the Office and minidress printed there is an embarrassment of choice, and a “low” prices!

It is still cold but we’ve let captivated by floral prints and pastel colors, so today we decided to take a peek at the new collection of H & M for spring summer 2016, a line that focuses so much on basic items, on major must have of the season and on a variety of dresses and suits that are suitable for any kind of silhouette. By frou dress fully booked to show off at the Office, here are the season’s coolest fashion proposals, and tiny!

For this spring H & M chose to focus on big returns, timeless and trends of the past on pieces with floral textures reminiscent of the years ‘ 70 and classic flared jeans, mixing it up with the right mix & match that makes every new look and fashionable.

For the day the woman H & M wearing a sober suit: jacket and pants or to limit a high waist skirt teamed with a chiffon shirt, featuring neutral shades but romantic, like off white, ivory and blush pink. Leisure high-waisted jeans with leg wide and flared and pull snug in the spring or summer Sleeveless Jersey. In the evening, another story! The femininity of H & M takes the forms of delicious printed minidress, wrap skirts and dresses but lightweight and flippant.

In short, nothing is missing to the new catalog H & M spring summer 2016, please take a look at the gallery where we have collected the most glam of season!