How Long Should Men’s Shirt Sleeves Be

It is June, the heat is not yet at its highs, but we know what he’s capable of doing. We are about to enter the clothing store and mentally go over all the pros and cons of shirts in short and long sleeves. The door opens and the salesman comes to us … time to decide has arrived. Waiting to create a mobile app to send a help message to social networks because you come to the rescue with the perfect solution – stop time and we try to give our modest contribution. Here are 8 advantages of often unfairly mistreated summer shirt, short sleeve:

  1. First advantage: I don’t have to roll up your sleeves dress shirts reviewed by Entertainmentdns, hoping that they are both on the same level and that the cuffs are not so rigid as to make me come the Red boom.
  2. I don’t have to look cool at all costs.I send a clear message: I’m a practical man, it’s hot, I need the sleeves, even if I get the shirt that my grandfather wore with suspenders (well maybe I’m exaggerating)
  3. The t-shirts and polo shirts are so cute, but would you put the fabric
  4. Very light as a breeze of a cotton shirt?
  5. In the advertisement of Diesel, short and tight door and shirt he see that muscle, then say it isn’t cool!
  6. Foreigners have never places the problem, for them the summer blouse has short sleeves. Even if they put the jacket on and go into the Office dressed formally. I do not speak the languages but I can start being mocking-bird sang with shirts.
  7. It takes 10 minutes to ironing a shirt with long sleeves and 8 minutes to get strains a, short sleeve
  8. On second thought, it takes 10 minutes to ironing a shirt with long sleeves and 1 minute to hang the shirt-sleeved still wet on a hanger, stretch it with your hands,hang it in the shower pipe and proceed to drying mode shirt-stuffed.
  9. If the shirt is Plaid, save the minute: the shirt is fine also don’t stretch.

Came the news (I wrote also il Corriere) that genetics has resulted in a cotton plant which will give us 100% cotton shirts are resistant to wrinkles. They are elegant, sports, short sleeve or long sleeve are all anti-Board! But wait a minute … now how do I decide?!?