How To: Bronde

On me verily no stylist has been lost, I can even do it on me schnibbeln new split ends in your hair and instead of producing only none, I Snort my hair regularly in care oils, to whitewash the divided truth with almond scent. What I can but good: be brave. And terribly impatient. Why I walk every time even to act rather than take on a snazzy appointment at the hair stylists of my confidence, which exists only in my wildest dreams of Spa. Last weekend I was so once again by head boredom overwhelmed at the crossroads of the infinite possibilities. Long Bob? Close. Micro-pony? Stirnschwitzer. Color? But Hello.

The initial situation: from birth I have very dark brown hair, the I regularly Brown sounds, to not go down in Blassheit. You should of course not just about color, professionals say the last color linen but is three months. As I so finally to the long outdated “ombre” trend came upon the now very clever Bronde calls, I now pronounce you in quite simple, unprofessional, but effective steps:

1st to coloring buy.
I am an Otto ordinary consumer and access to LÓREAL Paris ombre No.1 (of which I get by the way, no money for the show, this happens out of pure love for you, because of all the demands, it should be mentioned, her muses of the beauty posts):

2nd hair do not wash

3 hair divided in two parts
and front lay over the breasts, as you would for braiding putting two braids.

4 now go on,
as described in the owner’s manual.

5 but: both halves of the backcomb,
really strong and from ear height. So although a lot depends on hair down, but in about 1/4 „ away toupiert “ is – for a natural transition, instead of a straight line between blond and Brown. Because not all hair is collected.

6 color applying to the enclosed brush
and only in the tips of the comb. Work then continue upward and at the end still completely from top to bottom brush (of course only up to the ears, otherwise the Bronde up on the head starts. Can do it but that one does not have. At me a couple of the front strands got an extra treatment. Simply individual, very thin strands again complete with color a trowel.

7 effects can be
to put up without the hair. Easy to hang.
For a more natural look just not too long let – I tried it with 25 minutes, so I’m not going as a blond poodle from the number out

8 finished rinsing!

9 joy!