How to Choose a Collar

The collar of a shirt changes everything! You are going to tell me, already that to choose a shirt, is not easy thing, must one really take care of the collar? Well, yeah! You will see that the collar is adapted to the morphology and a specific dressing code.

Men’s shirt, buttoned collar

It is also called “American col.” It is flexible, hence the two small buttonings at its ends. You can choose to wear with a tie or without, moreover aware that if you choose not, it is very likely, a fashion came straight from England.

Men’s shirt, classic collar

Relatively wide, the versatile neck, you’ll find both on dress shirts as casual shirts. You can include them tie a tie or a bow tie without it’s too ridiculous since it is a stiff neck.

Men’s shirt, collar officer

A thin neck, that is ideal for summer men’s shirts for a boho look. Attention, you can not wear any associated accessories.

Men’s shirt, collar

A wear only appropriate since the models of men’s shirts that feature models are generally kind ceremony including marriage. For a night on your 31, it can also be interesting. We advise you a bow tie, it put it very well in value.

Men’s shirt, English collar

Cousin of the classic collar, it looks like two drops of water with the exception of a small bracket in the center. Excellent for wearing a tie it is not recommended for a bow tie. This type of man shirt is more suited to a chic business look.

Men’s shirt, Italian collar

Very elegant, it is particularly suitable for large, it lengthens your figure and makes wearing a wide tie. The windsor knot is required with the man wearing shirts this pass. In addition, there is a rather collar flexible that can easily accommodate whales to stiffen.

So which col is best for you? Make the right choice and remember that this item is far from negligible when choosing a man’s shirt from Relationshipsplus.