How to Choose a Shirt

Which shirt cutting adopt?

If you are looking for a stylish outfit, this is the place for you. The house of shirt offers several cuts of adapting to different body types.

A perfectly fitted shirt is a not too loose nor too tight, which fits the shape of your body without being overly snug. You must be able to pass a fist between your chest and the fabric of your shirt. The armpits, the perfect measure to pinch about 2 cm of fabric.

How to find his shirt size?

The golden rule to find his shirt size? The sleeve seam must go before the curve of your shoulder, or the bone of the clavicle, the acromion (small ball in the back of the shoulder). If the seam falls, adopt a large shirt.

We Recommend you leave the sleeves of your shirt between 1.5 cm and 3 cm from the sleeve of your costume.

This will make a reminder with the neck of the shirt. However, leaving too overcome. The wrist of your shirt should cover your wrist even when you bend your arm. Finally, the sleeves of your shirt must be adjusted but not much. The test? Able to pinch about 3 cm of tissue.

On the other hand, the parts of your shirt must be longer than those of the casual shirt in order to fit into your suit pants. They should be long enough without exceeding your mid-buttock. The test: Fold the sides of your shirt into your pants and raise your arms. Your shirt should not go out of your pants! If you want spoiling jacket and pants, we recommend a lighter color to your pants for your suit.

The Fitting Collar / Tie

The tips of the collar of the shirt should always remain stuck to the shirt. The tie should never exceed the back under the collar.

Ideal: English Collar

The collar also said English “tab collar” consists of a small button that connects the two sides of the neck. This type of collar is mandatory worn with a tie, which will be further enhanced.

Some Tracks

The Blue Poplin Shirt Collar Italian

It is the must-shirt while dressing after the white poplin shirt collar Italian. You can then associate all types of tie in blue: the plain tie, the club tie, the tie plaid or tie silk knit.

The White Poplin Shirt

It embodies the simplicity and elegance in men. It may be granted all ties with colors and different patterns.

The Reasons

You can totally mix patterns, however, ensure that the shirts are of different sizes defined by For example, if you wear a shirt with thin stripes, you can wear a tie with stripes, however, they must be of different width so that there are no visual confusion.

The Plain Tie Is The Most Formal Tie of All Ties

It will perfectly associate with plaid shirts, stripes, gingham pattern … When you wear a jacket and patterned shirt, the tie will remain united in the most appropriate tie.

Be careful not to coordinate everything. Make sure that at least one of your outfit is not coordinated. For example, if you wear a blue suit night, tie the same color with a blue sky and the navy blue socks, make sure your pocket or another color. In case you do not wear pocket, go for colored socks!