How to Choose a Summer Dress

Well Yes, it was even made to account but we are already in May. The month of flowers, spring and the passage in the summer in our cabinets. Our Sun is so strong that we rush already on the little summer dresses praying that summer moved faster than expected.

How to Choose a Summer Dress

The best of all? We have hundreds of opportunities, styles, cuts and colors for all the morpho and for all styles.

If you are luscious…

For example: Kim Kardashian-West

Morphology: You have forms with a fine and marked size. Your bust and hips are proportional.

Council: dare dress that accentuates your greatest asset: your size. Opt for an empire waist or a portfolio for a fluid look and girly dress

Accessories: All eyes should be on your size. Dare a belt colored or printed. If you are small, you can afford Sandals offset as the Ciana to elongate your silhouette.

If you are small…

For example: Mila Kunis

Morphology: a woman called small measure usually less than 165 cm.

Board: Avoid long dresses, they tend to flatten the silhouette. Show rather your legs with a mini dress or opt for affordable sundresses. Vertical prints or pleated cups can also help to lengthen your silhouette.

Accessories: shoes are a must – have for refine your look, they give height and dash your figure like no other pair of shoes.

If you are pear shaped…

For example: Knowles

Morphology: Your hips are larger than your bust. Your size is well marked so put it forward!

Tip: You must balance your silhouette with emphasis on the upper part of your body. A dress with a nice neckline or a wider at the hips strapless dress will help you unify your silhouette.

Accessories: Zoom on the top of your body with big and shiny jewelry. A necklace of colored with pretty earrings help you distract attention from the lower part of your body.

If you’re slender

For example: Karlie Kloss

Morphology: You are large and slender, with long and beautiful legs. You are lucky;).

Board: You can virtually all help but long dresses are a must for you.

Accessories: opt for the flat Sandals rather than high heels.

If you are Apple shaped…

For example: Melissa McCarthy

Morphology: Your forms are located in the upper part of the body, you have thin legs and a slight size.

Board: Focus on your chest with an empire waist dress or a pretty high fluid. A skater skirt is also an option for your body shape, it allows to highlight your legs.

Accessories: do not bet too much on accessories and minimalisez the size of the latter. Lie rather your silhouette with a pair of sandals like the Chancy.

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