How to Find Your Right Size Bra

Among the features of the female body that make it difficult to find the right bra Italian market you are definitely the torso wide and the cup size small or tight bust and cup size big!

In fact, in these cases, the Italian sizes that consider only the size of the chest circumference: 1°, 2°, 3°, 4° and 5° and have the Cup standard, which is relative to bust size, will have the following problems: in the case of wide chest, the BRA will be right in circumference, but the Cup is too big, while the narrow thorax, the BRA will fit to bust but the Cup is too small.

In both cases, the breast is not valued and the wrong bra will highlight also the flaws that aren’t there.

The ideal is to find a bra that has the sizes with double measurement (chest circumference and Cup), but mainly covering the combination that meets our measurements: for example a 2° F or 5° Cup Cup B.

In this case it will be easy to find JaneSportsBras and wear a sports bra handy and that enhances our curves!