How to Know My Bra Size

Scientific studies have shown that many women can’t choose the bra size, in fact, these studies reveal that only 3:00 pm every 10 women know to pay attention to choose correctly the bra more suited to your needs. Knowing our bra size is very important, much more than we think, and certainly use one that does not correspond to our breasts, can hurt us a lot in the long run with breast pain in the back or head. If you do a lot of the question of how to know my bra size? Then continue reading this article from janesportsbras where we explain all you need to know to buy the bra suitable for you.

How to Calculate My Size?

To know exactly what size bra need, must have, first of all, all the information. You can search on the internet (but beware, in specialized places) or you can ask in a lingerie store. In addition, you must think you’re wearing your bra, since if it is to do sport or do some work that requires continuous physical effort, it is better to use a bra according to this situation.

As if calculates the size? So, the bra size has two parameters: the size (estimated numbers) and the cup (which is measured in letters). The best way to measure the size is with a bra post, since you so the chest is tight and the measures are more real.

  • To know the size, measure the chest right under the breast, adjusting well to tape measure horizontally. Because there are multiple marks, it may be that our measures not always hit right.
  • For the World Cup, we measure the breast contour at their point of maximum projection, which is the point of the nipples of the breasts. Must measure since the space between the breasts, from the sternum.

Once we have the measure of our size and contour of the breast, we calculate the cup, and this is done as follows:

  • If the difference between a number and the other is 10, corresponds to an A-Cup.
  • If the difference is 15 cm, corresponding to a B Cup.
  • If the difference is 17.5 cm corresponds to a C Cup.
  • If the difference is 20 cm, corresponding to a D-Cup.
  • And so on, increasing each time some 2 cm approximately.

Factors that Should Be Taken into Account

  • If your measurements are in the extremes of the scales of the tables (for example, the difference between their two measures is 20 cm), you may feel better jumping to a larger Cup. Remember that your bra, as its name indicates, must hold the breast well, but at the same time, you must feel comfortable. Don’t make the mistake of buying a larger bra that matches you, let alone a minor, since it is more dangerous and one of the most important habits that cause the downfall of the breasts.
  • The contour and the cup have proportion. That is, the same letter of glass doesn’t have the same capacity in all sizes of wrap: is not the same a C of a size to 75 of 1 95. And here is the mistake of many women, who often, for which “the chest fits” in the bowl that we offer, we use very large sizes of outline.
  • Take into account the shape of your breasts in time to choose the bra. Some patterns and some brands will be better than others, therefore, spare no efforts to try those who are needed to find the perfect for you.

How Do I know If My Bra Is Small or Large?

Know that your bra is small in the cup:

  • The breast comes out on top or underneath.
  • The outline of her bra resting on top of her breast instead of doing it on his ribs.
  • Leaves marks on shoulders and the handles don’t give to stretch more.

Know you’re small outline:

  • Leave marks on his torso.
  • Close in the last row of hooks.

Know that the cup is great if:

  • The straps fall down and you cannot adjust more.
  • Make wrinkles and bag effect.

Know that the outline is great if:

  • Rises behind.
  • Closes in the front row of hooks and feel that is not secure.