How to Style a Denim Shirt

After the exploit in the years ‘ 90, the denim shirt is back to being an absolute “must have” in terms of clothing, both masculine and feminine. It will be because of his incredible versatility (he’s a boss who match with just about anything), will be for resistance or simply because the jeans is the most loved fabric ever, yet the denim shirt is back and, at least for now, has no intention to “be set aside”. The “beautiful” is that denim shirt takes exactly 20 years ago, as so sblusati models and space with sleeves rolled up well, confirming the comfort of the head and his “ease”. Therefore, it is no coincidence that many designers and fashion houses have “launched” on this garment, which we can find in all shades of denim conceivable, from deep blue to clear through the nuance more vintage or worn “effect”. But the question that might arise is: How do I match the denim shirt?

Surely the outfit to wear depends on our look, yet it’s obvious to say that the denim shirt is very casual, so ideal for getting around with friends, take a bike or enjoy a little ‘ healthy shopping. Eye: not who are slighted in the case of informal aperitifs and, why not, with theme nights, the kind that don’t require a dress too refined.

Always in conjunction, a crass mistake not to commit is to match the denim shirt with pants to jeans, the French singer rather blue or gray fabric trousers or jeans, if you really can’t do without, look forward to a very dark tone, if not Black. The important thing is that the washes are different, creating a cute and original effect. Finally, remember that the shirts are Open, wearing t-shirts or any shirt in solid or printed, the effect will definitely be cool. There only remains to follow these simple Tips, wear a pair of Converse sneakers or lower and your outfit will be irresistibly casual but well cared for. I leave you with some very nice shirt jeans model , remember that this is the absolute “must-have” for next spring!