How to Wear a Turtleneck?

Turtleneck her big comeback this winter and be worn now prefers instead of blouses. In the fourth part of our new fashion tutorials, we will explain how to properly wear the trend. In the video! There are the looks directly for sale in the our shop.

Which labels do it before?
Prada rather sporty styling the Turtleneck under a v-neck Slipover, Louis Vuitton among A line dresses and Alexander Wang for Balenciaga to glamorous cocktail coats and Overkneeboots. Chanel it rather opts the short version in the form of cropped tops.

How to wear it?
The Turtleneck Sweater is now in winter preferably instead of a blouse worn, so for a suit, a dress, sleeveless sweaters, or oversize sweater. In the evening, it may be combined even to the pencil skirt or a sleeveless cocktail dress. It keeps warm beautiful!

What do I do with my hair?
As well as hats , Polo-neck sweaters are a disaster for hair. The collar constantly rubs on the hair, with the result that they are rough and dull and in the neck to get filthy. The stylish solution: the fake-Bob. If you have long hair, simply pull the tips after the draw not from the sweater out. It is like a cool Bob hairstyle. Alternative: A loosely braided side braid. A little hair in the tips of kneaded, helps against blunt tips.

On what materials should we use?
Prefer a bit more money to invest and put on noble material such as cashmere, angora and Merino Wool. Finally, a turtleneck is a classic, which lasts for a few seasons. In addition to wear tight Rollis directly on the skin – and da bad materials can scratch quickly uncomfortable.

Must it cost a lot?
No, there are turtlenecks in all price categories. Cheap labels such as Uniqulo or Mango have lots of Rollis in the range of excellent quality.
As properly combine turtlenecks, we show you in the video above!