How to Wear an Oxford Shirt

The Origins of Oxford Cloth

The origins of oxford fabric are fairly blurry and contradict each other regularly.

But a commonly accepted version is that a Scottish weaver has the heavy task of producing textiles for the most prestigious universities in the world, including, of course, that of Oxford. He therefore created this fabric with a base of white thread, while working a subtle grain.Compared to a poplin, its benefits were to be more breathable, more resistant, and easier maintenance.

It was also a totally formal shirt, that it was with a blazer and tie . Because of its use in academia, she was quickly erected as an essential of the preppy style.

The fact of the return in the pants (or not) was already causing debate for the time. Similarly, the design of the collars (doubled or not, more or less long or flared) is still the source of some discussions between purists and historians of preppy clothing.

But when the polo players began to take ownership of this shirt (in the buttoned collar so that it remains in place even at a gallop) in the 1930s for its properties more breathable than poplin (the cotton veil is aerated but too fragile for sports use), the oxford shirt gained unprecedented casual connotation (as I recall, this shirt was primarily formal).

And thus for the time (30’s), the Oxford became synonymous with ” casual chic “. All this heritage contributed to shaping the Oxford shirt as the symbol of an elegant, casual, studious and sporting youth. That’s where comes this perfect balance between formal and relaxed than it is today.

Let us now consider the possibilities of such a garment …

Wear an oxford shirt with a suit: easy

The shirt in Oxford being at its origins a very formal garment, it is quite rational to want to pass it with a costume.

His interest is to break the possible stilted and sanitized side of an outfit too formal. The subtle grainy appearance of Oxford is best integrated with textured woolen fabrics such as flannel or mat.

However, in some very strict professional circles (high spheres of banking or finance), Oxford could be considered too casual.

In this case, you settle for the rest of your outfit is perfect: nice tie and impeccably cut suit.

Wear the oxford shirt with a tuxedo jacket: why not

It is an assembly against-intuitive, but it may work, if one is prepared to have a necessarily more formal than casual (along with a tuxedo jacket, it is difficult to find a totally relaxed outfit !).

However, the buttoned collar of most shirts in oxford does not lend itself to a room dressed as a jacket with satin lapels… This leads to another problem: find a tuxedo jacket that does not make too precious… or too ceremonious!

And we must accept to go back to the purists who scream at the scandal in front of a jacket of tuxedo sported mismatch, and which has no acute notch or shawl collar.

Personally, I love this tuxedo jacket brand éclectic  (I have the blue copy, although the brand’s website indicates only black version), the Neapolitan shoulder, which can Marry easily with the relaxation of an oxford shirt:

Wear an oxford shirt with a tie: nothing complicated

Wear a tie with an oxford shirt is surely one of the best assemblages elegant / casual that you can do, besides venturing quietly to a preppy style. In this case, choose the knitted ties, or those with rougher textures that tie in shiny silk would be inappropriate here.

Florian, the team is adept a casual elegance so it uses many parts a priori formal, more relaxed but with materials such as “casual suits” from Gant Rugger or wool ties.

Building on shades of shirts very neutral like white or blue light allows to pass any color tie (for cons, there is obviously a little taste to have to give his tie and jacket).

Wear a shirt in Oxford street style: it’s possible!

Kevin, great nose for trends ( The Renardeau , it’s him) does exactly the opposite of me. While I love coats with narrow shoulders, he voluntarily passes a overpaulled coat. And while I banished the darkness of the male wardrobe, it is the daily, etc.

So I was curious to see how he was going to appropriate this shirt. And as usual, he composed a holding opposite of what I expected: with black, and even a little yellow.

Wearing an oxford shirt with a chino: it’s no easier

This is surely the assembly of the most intuitive and simple clothes with a shirt in oxford since the Chino is located exactly in the same vein as the preppy oxford (you begin to know!).These are very versatile pieces.

With an oxford shirt, which is a neutral base, you can practically carry everything down: a blue or beige chino course, but feel free to indulge yourself with brighter colors like coral or red brick.