How to Wear High Waisted Clothes

The high-waisted garments are downright fashionable. So here are the tips to wear them with style and enhance the beauty of these dresses. Pants, skirts, shorts, mini-skirt or denim high-waisted, wearing that!
The high-waisted leaders are back in fashion! Whether we like it or not, therefore, for some time we will not see more and no hips or belly button found in favor of a silhouette covered in life, but definitely show. And Yes, because if there is a first advantage of high waist garment is that the waistline can be modeled by the invoice of the garment.

That’s why, as soon as we’re going shopping of high chiefs of collections 2016, it will be good to keep in mind that:

  • The high-waisted, narrow skirt slims and elegant
  • The high-waisted skirt spreads her hips and irreverent
  • The high-waisted pants in slim version accentuate the curves and thin, but don’t make miracles
  • High-waisted shorts can be worn with shoes that extend
  • The baggy pants and with high waist darts are shown for the meagre but not too
  • The high-waisted denim, especially super adherents, are of great trend for all types of physical

We see at this point the Tips for wearing high-waisted garments with style.

The high-waisted skirts are probably the hardest to wear but, once you understand how to lead, love. First of all, the high-waisted skirt should be worn with blouses, shirts or t-shirt depending on color and pattern.

If the pencil skirt is wrap or dress, the shirt is the perfect garment to be worn together. Great denim shirt with many patterns and colors of high-waisted skirt. Excellent choice even slightly large blouse that creates a nice contrast “narrow-deep” in a very trendy look. The high waist and full skirt is definitely rockabilly and 50 years. And, as such, takes a look 50 years! Polka dot, striped t-shirt top, crop top and tight: these are the “winning coupled” of high waist and full skirt.

The high-waisted pants are new with the next winter. A tip for all? Those at palazzo towers “by definition”. A pair of high heels and a minimum 4 cm 3-retrieving silhouette. Unlike the high-waisted and slim leader that if he must “fight” with too many curves threatens to unmask the rolls. A trick? Buy a size up of yours and no one notice anything!

And now we come to the skirt-high-waisted pants, also called, for the season in 2015-2016, pants/shorts. This garment is really super chic and it is paired with silk top and a little abundant, with short and long sweaters, shirts and blouses to fantasy.

Of course, if you have a physique more buttery, wear high waisted to flatten your stomach and waist while streamline the bust, emphasizing cleavage and shoulders. Don’t be overly stylish inmatching trousers culottehigh waisted strictly: this garment is more grunge than chic!