How to Wear Leggings Appropriately

How to wear leggings? What are the best looks to show off to avoid mistakes and be always very glamorous and above all perfect? Well, although these stretch pants, which have taken the place of stockings, are already in use for several seasons, there are still many women who do not really know how to wear them. This is not about matching problems between color and imagination, or at least not only this, but of a much larger issue. Tell the truth: you wear tights ever with only a shirt that reaches the hips? This risk way of driving with the B-side to the wind! Here, when you decide to wear leggings it is just that you have to think … Anyway, discover our 5 style tips to pull off the perfect outfit throug Emily website.

Leggings and oversize pullovers

Look with leggings I am always comfortable. Instead of the usual pants or jeans these are decidedly softer and for this preferred by many women. However, as they are not real but pants resemble much more to the stockings a bit opaque, these should be worn with a mesh which can cover at least the seating. That’s why match them to the oversized pullover, virtually the wool sweaters in the middle between the top and dress, is really ideal.

Leggings and maxi t-shirt

In the wake of the previous board, we should match your nice legging in a tshirt with short sleeves or a top that is a bit longer than usual, or perhaps that it is asymmetrical, with the rear tail to speak. Dare with something shorter, actually, you can, but there is really no need for the legging in question is opaque super, like that of the skin, and you have very slim legs because this kind of pant highlights every slightest defect.

Legging skin

And now we come to the right legging skin, the great protagonist of the last seasons. It’s nice, it’s rock and love to all, and, if you ask, goes well with all kinds of outfits, from the most aggressive to the most ladylike clothes, to give them a firmer touch. Seeing is believing!

Match colors

So that’s a real problem, because they match the colors in fashion is absolutely important and yet many women, when talking about leggings, they do not seem to be so secure. Brown and black do not go well together and mix fantasies is almost always a disaster. The leggings, jeans in contrast, do not combine with any article of clothing, so always try to coordinate everything perfectly.

LOOK 80s

Finally, there’s the look in 80s style, very colorful ones, the only ones in which you can combine the leggings to the crop top. Remember, or are true icons eighties like Madonna, or go to a theme party, or forget it!