How to Wear Style in Shirt

Men’s fashion evolves and offers more and more choices to men. But it remains a must-have of men’s dressing: the shirt. We complete our folder shirt, to speak this time about style, and faults of taste to avoid…

Basic looks in shirts

The white shirt in 3 looks

The white shirt is simple, elegant and is worn with everything.

  • For a classic look

On the back door in the pants with a plain suit, a belt and derbies matched.

Optionally accessorised with a bow tie  to one side  hipster or a tie for a more classic style.

  • For a casual look

We wear the white shirt with colored pants recommended by Nonprofitdictionary, chino type (burgundy, brown, green ..) and moccasins.

Add a sober blazer jacket (black or blue-navy), if possible with elbow patches or a fancy lining to roll up the sleeves.

  • For a casual look

We wear it with jeans rather dark to flatter all the silhouettes.

One can accessorize this outfit with preppy glasses to accentuate his geek.

It avoids sneakers to choose sneakers , but we still prefer the boat shoes for their chic.

The denim shirt in 3 looks

She is back in fashion and charm the female side because of his “cowboy”: light or dark, the denim shirt is now part of the must-have men’s closets.

  • For a chic look

We wear a clear denim shirt, with black slim pants and a leather belt. Open or closed to the Baptiste Giabiconi, it is according to your tastes! Both will give you a fabulous look.

  • For a city look

We wear the dark shirt, with beige pants and black tennis. One can accessorize with a canvas scarf wrapped around the neck in a loose way.

  • For a swag look

One chooses a shirt in clear jeans that is closed to the neck, that one wears with a merino V neck sweater and contrasting colored pants. Style assured.

Dresses in shirts for …

To charm

To seduce, one chooses a white shirt with a nice piqué cotton, for the subtle touch of originality. One also avoids to do too much, except in particular context. Better avoid the tie and unbutton the first shirt button to avoid being too “stuffy”.

If “black shirt”: if it is not always appreciated by men, it is by the female. Wear it without a jacket so as not to be too austere. And only if you have a V-shaped morphology. Strip it off the card if you are suffering from hair dandruff … Oops!

What not to do : choose a tight-fitting shirt, and associate this outfit with sneakers.

Work  every day

For the professional environment, we opt for the simple shirt with sober colors (navy blue, burgundy, dark gray ..).

It is associated with a tie in dark shades and dark pants.

To make the difference, one can choose a tie with patterns type stripes, or very discreet.

We forget : the faded jeans with holes or to go to work, too casual.

Weekends / holidays

For the weekend, we put out the shirt in dark open jeans, worn with a simple white t-shirt.

We wear it all with beige or black pants, and tennis in matching sober tones.

Avoided at all costs : The total jeans look (shirt-pants-jacket).

Which shirt, for what event?

What shirt for a wedding?

For a wedding, one plays the sobriety avoiding the trap of the dark … This is where the blue shirt sky comes into play, with a gray suit for example.

In general, one opts for pastel tones: parma, pink, sky blue, etc.

On the accessory side, you can “cut” with a tie and / or a fancy purse in cheerful colors, matching the shirt.

We avoid : too casual shirts like Hawaiian shirt, or Champagne tones reserved groom.

What shirt for the New Year?

For the new year, we choose a sober but classy shirt, with black pants and shoes derbys or black moccasins.

The bow tie, knotted or untied is on this occasion and more and more trend.

This is also the time to release the moiré party shirts, but be careful, they are to be used with caution so as not to fall into the cliché of “the one who has no taste”. This also goes with a temperament. Avoid if you are not sure.

They say “No! ” The casual outfits. At the New Year, put yourself on your … 31!

What shirt for a job interview?

For a job interview, one remains neutral.

A navy blue suit, a black suit, a brown suit, regardless of the time you wore a white shirt. The tie is well seen even if it is not obligatory: of the same color as the suit, in a gradient of the shirt’s tone, or a mixture of the two in a formal pattern. This is cruelly lacking in originality, but it is professional, especially if you enter into a “big business”.

Are you aiming for a less formal start-up? Do not be less chic. But you can opt for raw jeans close to the body, with a white shirt and a navy blue jacket for example.

In any case, the shirt is tucked into the pants, with a leather belt matching the shoes, type Derbys or Richelieu.