How to Wear The Pants

No, the short pants is not reserved for hunting to the molds and picking the raspberries: this hybrid between shorts and trousers has even a strong potential mode for the summer!

Let’s face it, the short pants isn’t the most glamorous clothing on the planet. Actually, it’s pretty dicey stylistically speaking. For a little bit too large or out of adjustment, it’s a shot to finish with a QuickDraw very planplan. Yet it is rather practice the short pants, especially for sunny

days when you have no desire to wear shorts or dress. In addition it refines the Redshank and shows off the ankle. Note however that mi-mollets cuts tend to her Pack. To grow its silhouette, cheat a little with heels, not necessarily dizzying but just enough to support the leg.

So here are 4 non-exhaustive looks proposals (free to you to wear your pants with what want you what not) to aerate you the calf with style this summer.

The rock pants

For a rock and casual look you can bet on a short pants tightened at the calves, a sleeveless shirt, bib necklace and a pair of flat shoes. For the evening a blouse, a pair of heels and a studded satchel. To fine tune the Dandy look, you can add a type long blazer jacket or a bowler way guitarist of a rock band from the 1960s.

The selection: wrap-over Blouse H & M (€24.95), bag studded shoulder Mango (€10.99), ballerinas to tips metallized Forever 21 (€28,90), Capris denim Zara (€22,99), sleeveless blouse Mim (€12.99), bib necklace New Look (€9.99), loops shoes New Look (€33,12)

The Navy Capris sauce 60’s

The trend of the Sixties is in the spotlight this season and that’s good because the 7/8th short pants perfectly joins the Navy look: shades marine, cat eye sunglasses, a sailor and vintage shoes type Salomé, Mary Jane or pumps with plateau and voila. And to push your style ‘the love boat’ even further, you can add a jacket blazer type Admiral of the same color as your short pants for a little more chilly evenings.

Selection: embroidered sailor Mango (€24.99), strapped shoes 3 Suisses (€31.99),short pants Navy Jacqueline Riu (€16.05), Butterfly sunglasses Bershka (€12.99),marine bracelets ($1.79 piece), Red cover New Look (€9.99)

The tuxedo pants

The tuxedo is also in vogue this summer and the right pants works just as well as the pants: the combination of the short cut and the strapped shoes highlights the ankles and even tends to narrow down your legs. You just to wear a small top and a jacket blazer.

Selection: Black Blazer, H & M (€24.95), pumps with flanges Zara (€39.99),zippered pouch Galeries Lafayette (€32,00), Capris Mim (€9,00), corset top Mango (€14.99), offset studded Zara (€39.99)

The Pin Up pants

For lovers of Pin Up style, I recommend a snug Capris that happens right in the middle of the calf and if possible with a small slit at the sides. Add to that a way corset top or a slightly retro shirt, a pair of pumps with plateau and glasses eye of cat, the big hit of this summer. To complete your 50’s look, you can count on the stroke of eyeliner, fake tattoos and the bandana tied around the head: assured sexiness. This is how pants were invented, says InternetDict.

The selection: coral Blouse Topshop (€39,00), pumps with plateau the Halle (€17.19), temporary tattoos, Urban Outfitters (€12.00), Capris Promod (€19.95),corset top Topshop (€44.00), lipstick Kiko (€3.90), cat eye sunglasses Topshop (€21,00)

And if the pants aren’t your thing, you can always go take a look at this article which gives you some tips for wearing long skirts.