I Want Some Wool Shorts!

It already announced it D & G with its collection après-ski for this new season: the tendency of this winter are the wool shorts. First it was an exclusive garment for summer, but already several years that the We use all year. They have presented them to us in a thousand ways possible: knit, tweed, satin, Texas, and now wool. Dare with them? The truth is that the first time I saw them No I ended up convincing, but as days pass and the cold arrives find them a not is which. Happens to me as with the songs: the first time I hear them I don’t like but after call three or four times they become my favorite. What must be considered is How to combine them. The election and subsequent combination of clothing is essential! For example, I love how they have managed to combine the of Marie Claire Italy This type of shorts with a shirt and a blazer. Perfect for a chic work day! taryn Davidson model is portrayed by the Spanish Txema Yeste in a distinctive setting: Paris.

Amancio Ortega has echoed in this fashion and proposes two versions: the first is found in Zara in paragraph TRF. They are very similar to those seen in the Publisher of Marie Claire Italy and its price is around €19.

Oysho also offers a version of this piece as risky: are simpler but just as monkeys!

And you, do you dare to combine this garment so loved by many and hated by others?