Intimate Apparel Trends 2015

Best comfortable or sexy? Intimate night for winter 2015, all the trends and the most beautiful clothes to sleep in winter nights. We discover the patterns of women’s Pajamas, Nightgowns and dressing gowns are most interesting to wear under the covers. From satin petticoats to pyjamas, here’s all the news not to be missed!

The 2015 winter underwear collections offer many models of heads for the night ranging from heavy fabrics to other lighter, from Pajamas with long sleeves and pants to simple and sensual nightshirts , accompanied by night-gowns perfect to warm up before going to bed and just smart.

The lingerie collection night Oysho 2015 is characterized by pastel colors, with patterns that evoke a world very close to nature for colors and floral prints, able to make special fabrics, always soft and warm. Next to pajamas and Nightgowns Oysho we also find some beautiful gowns corteor long, perfect for cold women who like accocolarsi on the couch.

2015-2016 Yamamay fall winter also offers beautiful models of underwear for the night giving women completely different solutions, perfect to satisfy all the needs of women. The line Yamamay Abyss, in fact, jacquard satin, tulle and ruffles, emphasizes the sensual side of each of us and is characterized by a high rate of seduction by presenting satin petticoats, coordinated outfits beautiful, ideal as sottoabiti which in replacement of traditional pajamas.

For those who can’t quite give up the warmth and comfort, are perfect the Yamamay 2015 winter Pajamas with practical models, however, do not forget the sensuality. For example, the Wild Dot Pajamas Yamamay is a pattern with lace inserts, as well as the Pajama top and satin trousers with Yamamay Visionaire with embroidery, perfect for a middle ground between the hot and sexyoutfit Marky.

Winter Whispers 2015 offers, instead, bosses from big romantic style and minimalist chic, alternating sensual and intriguing solutions to impress your partner even in cold weather. Gray jacquard patterns with a tank top and long sleeve top with lace inserts are accompanied by othercotton Pajamas in fancy floral pastel shades, perfect solutions to deal with the cold winter nights.

Can not miss the Intimissimi night lingerie collection that goes from the most sensual to baby doll pyjamas where the watchword is convenience. Jacquard fabrics, spotted patterns, pyjamas comprised three parts with a tank top, vest and pants, are combined with dressing gowns Intimissimi furry fabric, light and tricot fleece damask.

Finally, if you’re feeling particularly refined, you can choose the leaders of lingerie collection La Perla to 2015-2016 with beautiful satin Nightgowns long up to toe adorned with precious inserts of lace and paired with long gowns with lace decorations and stylish transparencies, tied at the waist with belts that lengthen and enhance the silhouette.

In the gallery you will find the most beautiful for intimate 2015 winter night to choose the look that suits you best, mixing practical models and maybe warm, sensual and solutions in order to be beautiful and fascinating even under the sheets … and the duvet!