It Tastes Again Karl!

What had we discover on the Chanel catwalk in Salzburg (out of great fashion)? Karl Lagerfeld (81) gained a few pounds! What’s so exciting about it, Karl is at King yes probably self explanatory.

Karl Lagerfeld had incredible 42 kilos in only 13 months abgnommen with the so-called 3D-Diät, which he started at the end of the year 2000. Why so radical? Because Karl wanted to fit into the extremely narrow-cut suits of his colleagues Hedi Slimane, that this was designed for Dior Homme and which became the measure of all things (and body).

Since then, Lagerfeld could maintain his weight, the diet Coke was his constant companion. Like, he stressed: “I’m wearing tight suits, so that I can take to. My only ambition is to wear size 48/46 remain at Dior.” The look from slim jacket and close pants, detachable collar, gloves and lots of jewelry has become his trademark.

All the more surprising, what we now on the catwalk by Chanel in Salzburg discovered: under the braced shirt a little tummy emerged clearly. Also in the face and neck Lagerfeld was clearly draw than usual.

Karl, the eternal preacher of an iron discipline and despiser of every overweight, always sharp-tongued curves others criticising – caught in the yo-yo effect? That could invite to schadenfreude. We refrain from. Frankly, we are indeed relieved: Karl Lagerfeld is also just a man!

At the show of Chanel in Salzburg times clearly saw: Karl Lagerfeld has been, has a small tummy again. Bad – is not worth of course in Lagerfeld’s case but a message

Already the other day in September, you saw that Lagerfeld is a little dense, even in the face. Here at the page designer Mrs Silvia Venturini Fendi

Karl looked like after its radical diet: in 2003, super slim. The designer had lost 42 kilos in 13 months. Before that…