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Benedict notes: According to Paul, here is the first article of Jeremy! You have sometimes seen him and his very good photogénie in the shootings.

He is “editor-designer”, that is to say that his daily job is to design clear, impactful (and funny) messages within the framework of the partnerships (on a personal level, it helps me a lot to clarify my ideas And my thoughts to avoid confusion), but also and especially in our videos, and on the social networks and the Minute Selvedge he is in charge of.

And like Paul, over the months, through seeing passing tons of clothes under his eyes (with our comments included), he developed a real interest in beautiful fabric.

Here is his baptism of fire with the test of a very promising brand.

And here too, I personally validated the article and its content (which I sometimes developed as well)

Geoffrey note: There you said before, Benoît and I enjoy expert advice of many. The least thing is to return them. So we sometimes make “pro bono” advice, that is to say, volunteer, to entrepreneurs and brands who are launching themselves.

Camille Andreu came to see us at the beginning of her project, and I am delighted to discover what she accomplished 1 year later (hoping she did not blow too many nonsense). Bravo and good road to it.

For my first article I chose to test the young brand Mr. Wolf who seemed at first to distinguish themselves with original parts and bias strong creative.

The history of the brand Mr. Loup

Rare and notable anecdote, the origins of the brand Mr. Wolf , we find … Literature. More specifically, a new, “the werewolf” by Boris Vian, in which a wolf finds himself transformed into a man.

The story tells that waking up in the middle of the forest, this man-wolf has first reflex to put on clothes because it is cold. And spontaneously, the man realizes that he feels very comfortable in his clothes.

You’ll understand the story of Boris Vian and that of Mr. Loup resonate strongly with  the mission of BonneGueule in helping men to feel good in their clothes. I leave you, moreover, the leisure to read this news which has fascinated me.

I’m joking, I have not read it. On the other hand, I studied carefully the biases of the young brand by observing its very first collection.

A few words on the course of the creative before entering the thick of it .. .

After studying at Essec and a few revealing and enlightening courses in luxury, young designer Camille Andreu chose entrepreneurship to launch her own clothing brand. Starting from the observation (which we obviously share!) That there is still a lot to do in men’s fashion, it is oriented naturally towards the creation of men’s clothing.

Let us speak little, let us speak well, what exactly do we find at Monsieur Loup?

The first collection is called “The Call of the Forest” and is in a resolutely urban style at the level of the pieces, although the artistic direction obviously refers to the famous news of Boris Vian and “the state of nature “Of the man.

The shirt and the teddy are the pieces that seemed to me the most interesting to dissect.

The Japanese Cotton Weedon Shirt

From the outset, the shirt is distinguished by its fabric. In particular, the Weedon shirt is cut in a cotton chambray straight from the land of the rising sun. And you know, we like the chambray and Japan at BonneGueule.

To the touch, one feels a slightly granular and dense matter. The fabric displays discreet peas, mustard-colored on navy blue. Some added value: the reasons are not printed but woven , the back revealing the whole framework of the drawing.

If we go a little more in detail, we notice a small wolf head embroidery in the buttonhole on the right sleeve, which echoes the color of the peas.

Note that the little wolf is present on all the pieces of the brand in a more or less discreet way: here through an embroidery in the buttonhole, but also in large format on the sweats, and in printing on the sleeves of the Teddy or at the back of the chino.

The buttonhole has beautiful finishes. No thread goes over, which is rare on a shirt. The seams are also very good (6 stitches to the centimeter).

As for the buttons of the shirt, they are in mother-of-pearl, sewn on the cross, except the sleeves where there are two buttons … in olive wood.

In addition to their seductive appearance, these two buttons are also very functional, as they allow to tighten the shirt according to the size of his wrist. #trick.

Finally, there are reinforcing whales at the collar and it holds well (even naturally) which allows for potential stylistic audacities such as bow ties and other seductive ties. I personally remained more sober by stylistic humility.

Because of these characteristics, I chose a spring look (since the fabric of the weedon shirt is still warm enough because of its density).

Time did not allow me, but this shirt could perfectly combine with a Saharan type jacket or just a teddy.

As I said above, I opted for sobriety on this first look. I wear desert boots of a brand that Benoît does not endorse (I had to cut them at the assembly) and Jean Kurabo. Ma moumoute is a … No, I’m joking. These are my real hair.

You will find the shirt on the e-shop Mr. Wolf , the price of 120 euros.

The Teddy Wolf with printed sleeves

Let’s go to the Teddy, sportwear par excellence. When you take a first look at the Teddy Wolf brand Monsieur Loup, you are immediately struck by its originality.

From the sleeves drawn to the signature of the back, one can only appreciate real risk-taking in the design. Initially, the signature on the back was a little put off. I have never been fond of logos and other dragons drawn on clothes, but, adventurer, I decided to ignore my aprioris and let myself be lulled by the hypnotising sonata of curiosity.

At the first cut, this 100% cotton teddy away from the legacy of jackets varsity American universities by offering a more tailored cut and fittée (close to the body), especially in the arms.

This is reinforced by sleeves drawn in breaking with the rest of the room, a contrast that also refines the silhouette. The sleeves are also printed with a drawing exclusively made for the piece by a Spanish artist. The sleeves are, for me, the most successful element of the piece, because they give a true identity to the piece and the mark.

The choice of the ribbed black and not striped like the classic teddys makes it possible to go up very easily its sleeves. Practical to tan its forearms.

Finally, the famous signature on the back is signed Steve Pitocco. She seems to be calligraphed with a typo in the Daft Punk as if it were, precisely, a scratch of a wolf.

You can love or not, I post , I find that the originality of the piece also holds in this signature that gives Teddy a side a bit “Ryan Gosling in Drive jacket.”

I leave in California in September, I will certainly take it to the wheel of my Cadillac. Afterwards, for a wedding, perhaps we should avoid it.

At my look, no Sprezzatura coming straight from Pitti Uomo , as single parts for this second outfit.

This Teddy has this obvious advantage: no need to wear a very worked look to wear it. Despite its original level design and cut, it is quite compatible with a lot of outfits. Avoid maybe to consider the kilt however.

You will find the Teddy Wolf on the e-shop Mr. Wolf , at 160 euros.

My opinion about the brand Monsieur Loup

I often have trouble finding outfits (note Benedict Jérémy is decidedly a man of letters)  that match my morphology (broad shoulders, bigpectoral) and I must admit that with these two pieces, I felt good in my clothes like good old werewolf  (that of the story of Boris Vian) .The Teddy Wolf and Weedon shirt are at really good price (120 euros for the Japanese shirt material, 160 euros for Teddy) for the level of detail and finishes. The teddy is well fit and the shirt is distinguished by its versatility, both formal and elegant, but can also be worn more casual. It is a bit the piece that goes with everything. Visit CLOTHINGEXPRESS for how to take care of your shirts. I find that the stylistic bet is globally successful for this young brand that has managed to give a clean identity and a real paw (without bad pun) to its products. As I said at the beginning of the article, it is a mark very young that I will not hesitate to follow with great attention.Je invites you to discover their site Mr. Wolf to make you – even an idea about the brand and the products.

PS: The Teddy also walks with a “rooftoper” retro / chino look. I send a look a bit cliché but it was for the good cause (a next editorial crossed with a site of good plans. #Teaser).


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