Kate Middleton Fashion Style

Kate Middleton and her looks to copy: here’s the prettiest to inspire. The Duchess of Cambridge has been for years an icon of style and its trendy outfit. Here are all the ideas you want to copy to look smart and glamorous as the wife of William of England.

Admired, envied, imitated, Kate Middleton is all this, especially in fashion and outfit! The Duchess of Cambridge is considered one of the most elegant women in the world and, ultimately, we can only agree. On official occasions, Kate has never lived up to expectations of the fashion addicted: precise in respect the Protocol, but always ready to add a personal detail. The Kate Middleton look can also be copied from us, who do not aspire to become Queens, but elegant and glamorous because not?

The dresses worn by the Duchess are never over the top, even when they present special prints; Kate has a physique, so for her it is simple wear special fantasies without making them look tacky, but hardly has gone towards excessively large flowers or exaggerated geometries. He loves the little black dress, as you can see from the pictures in our gallery, and he surely right: take this idea! The dress is a versatile because it pairs with other accessories minimal contrast or harmony of color, but also make it more eye-catching with a big Choker necklace and a lace bolero. More formal occasions, however, Kate always chooses the high-waisted skirt, even the nets, and emphasizes the waist with a decent band.

Leisure, Kate Middleton does not give up the jeans, skinny flared that either; usually, matches them to print shirts, boss must have each cabinet, but also classic t shirt. The elegance in this case is the addition of the blazer, even when choosing shoes as the dancers: Kate, in fact, rarely wears sneakers, preferring instead, no-frills pumps boots and slippers. Even her bags are highly dependent on the occasion of use: elegant clutch for ceremonies, Maxi bag and medium bags for the day. Kate often wears tweed coats bon ton, 60 years cut very british, and it paid off, because that model of coat gives really at all, from slender to slender, curvy at the smallish.

The favorite colors from the wife of William of England are different, but never turned on; seldom we saw her wear red robes, for example, while he loves the autumn colors (grey, Brown in all shades) and classic pastel tones (pink, yellow, blue). Often wears the blue and black matches almost always another light tone. It’s the same trick he uses when he wears a dark suit solid color: always adds clear, shoes and bags to create dot lights on any shape.