Kocca Spring Summer

Fashion collection spring summer 2016 Kocca is simple, sophisticated and fashionable. With classic lines of lively shades of long skirt suits, the brand accompanies us in every circumstance and time of day. A line waiting to be discovered!

You can’t wait to do the change of season? To wear colors and floral prints, but mainly to see her legs? Warm and sunny days pending, let’s take a look at the new collection spring summer 2016 by Kocca, a young and feminine brand that accompanies us with style and simplicity at all times of the day.

The colors are soft, light fabrics and minimal cuts and graceful, just what we need during the hottest days. A line of basic and versatile you can wear under any circumstances, but without losing sight of the new trends for spring summer 2016 and the chiefs must that can not miss in your wardrobe. From complete safari style at long colorful skirt to enjoy both day and night, passing by bubble skirts and Angora stripe oversize cuts, there is an embarrassment of choice.

There is no doubt that the Kocca is a simple woman, sophisticated and elegant at the same time, a femininity that focuses on comfort but without losing the charm of most fashionistas of the moment, whereby a woman that will absolutely help cult pieces of wardrobe, of colored crop top, flared skirts and jumpsuit, not to mention the total look that the brand proposes in a palette of neutral colours.

If you like the calm and simple lines of dresses and Kocca, then you can not miss the photo gallery where we have collected the most interesting proposals of the brand’s spring/summer!