Lakshmi Menon

Exotic beauty, sculptural line, b hair do and personality e affirm, the sublime Lakshmi Menon traces its path from soon over 10 years in the fashion sphere, always with success and this gr s…

It is in the South of the India, Bangalore, that born Lakshmi Menon on November 4, 1981. Child, young Lakshmi doesn’t know anything about the m model tier. When a teenager, she falls on fashion magazines, y d covering sublime young women v kill toilet no less great, she can’t imagine so a second only power one day be a part of this world.

17 years, yet it is e contact by an agency, who offered him to fly to Paris to learn the tier m. As exciting as the project, Lakshmi prefer then d decline the offer and begin studies of sociology. This will be that 21 years–once his license in his pocket – the belle will make his entrance in the cosmos fashion.

After a few seasons, the young woman managed to make a name in his country, appearing notably in the heart of Indian Vogue (and this despite his choice to stay risqu living Bangalore, rather than of d m swim in one of the cities of the country such as Mumbai or Delhi, which house all the local hype).

However until 2006 and a contract with Swatch for d bute his international career. A year later, she contributes to the Herm s s thread d and Jean Paul Gaultier Paris, before taking the place of Daria Werbowy – in 2008 – as the g series of Herm s.

Lakshmi Menon sees so his side climb to fl che: the catwalks (Issey Miyake, Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren…) to magazines (Vogue, Dazed and Confused, Biba…), the top is pervasive sente. in 2009, Lakshmi see pl biscit e by one of the most influential of the sc designers don’t fashion – Riccardo Tisci – becoming one of the g ries of the Givenchy brand.

A year later, she decides to change Agency and between Supreme management. At 2011, after 10 years of modeling, miss Menon continues to inspire creators and photographers cr, as demonstrated by its participation in the Calendar Pirelli shoot by Karl Lagerfeld, as well as his many appearances in the various different editions of Cond Nast.

However, the young woman – who says do not be made for the m model tier – keep your feet on Earth. When asked what are his career plans, she responds so everything simply: “when proposals stop teront to arrive, I will understand the message and r fl chirai then subsequently”. In the meantime, she continues to enjoy 100% of this work which allows him to visit the world in idyllic conditions…

His only regret? That his homeland was no more representative feels on the catwalks. C t heart, the beautiful m would lead a perfect idyll with the Indian photographer Prabuddha Dasgupta…