Lindsay Is Now Addicted to Fashion

Actress Lindsay Lohan (28) again and again noticed in the past few years with alcohol – and drug excesses. All people their addiction should be now promote sales: Selwyn menswear line for a U.S. brand comes under the name “My Addiction” on the market.

The wild years with alcohol and drugs are behind her: Lindsay Lohan have tamed their “inner demons”, as she recently asserted in an interview with the British “Marie Claire”. Only in the summer, Lohan made first positive headlines with a High-profile commitment to Theater. Anyway: The addiction still hangs after the scandal-stricken actress. And it makes now use the label “Civil Clothing”.

Fashion with “addiction” potential
Together with the US brand, Lohan designed a line of man in baseball look, consisting of sports socks, caps and shirts, which are printed with the words “Regime”, “Civil” or “Lohan”. The special name “My Addiction” (German: “My addiction”) have become loud “TMZ” information the marketers of “Civil Clothing” made – well to the life of the Celebrity Designer to play – and LiLo have consented. From December 12, the collection is sold exclusively in the branches of the US retailers PacSan.

A bitter aftertaste remains
It no long has it, because LiLo has undergone a withdrawal before the eyes of the world and spoke in a TV talk Queen Oprah Winfrey Show (60) about their most intimate worries and fears. That their bad shape back then now profit are actually not quite comprehensible drawn from.

Is addiction really promote sales?
Ironically, Lindsay is calculated from their addiction in a different collaboration become fatal. 2008, she launched the leggings line “6126”, distributed through the textile Group D.N.A.M – and Lindsay’s wild life style did not fit the at all. D.N.A.M sued them for defamation on more than four million euros. The procedure only last may ceased, Lindsay made more than six years to create.