Mens Floral Shirts 2014

The floral “strikes back” and, after the exploit of fantasy dress up dresses, feminine dresses and accessories, next summer 2014 will go “shields” this tendency even in the world of men’s fashion. This is not a novelty, since blouses and shirts in male flowers are easily found around, yet for the next hot season the shirts with this fantasy will be a real “must have”. In General men’s trends for summer 2014 will make them the concepts of versatility and formalities, but will not be disdained most colorful outfits and informal, with flowers to do, exactly, “masters”.

The proposed floral shirts men like it because it is synonymous with “stilosità”, something that gives an added value to your style. That’s why, in addition to shirts, you can find flowers on jackets and trousers. The “all flowers” can be characterized by micro designs or larger motifs and, compared to last season, will also be available in new colours and innovative combinations, typical summer.

The Council, if you want to buy a flowered shirt at businessjust , is to opt for the dear old “made in Italy”, synonymous with quality and fashion. As regards the combinations, if you are looking for a more refined look and less flashy, I advise you to opt for small pastel shades or white floret, for a very chic and a little creative.

Conversely, if you buy a flowered shirt to give a touch of gaiety and originality to your figure, I would suggest counting blows colorful fantasies, and overviews. Other “must have” for next summer, continuing the theme shirts with floral patterns, will be the material denim, floral patterns are applied for a look that is truly impeccable, which attracts attention. As you may have guessed, the floral design represents a true “ACE in the hole” and, combined with soft fabrics, offers endless possibilities for variations. There only remains to know which look you’ll want to give your image the rest thinks the florals!