Men’s Pants Style Advice

Find answers to common customer questions about drainpipes.

Who are drainpipes?

Drainpipe trousers are slim cut and are consistently close to the leg and the buttocks. This put them slim legs and a bootylicious butt especially beautiful in scene. Both large and small slender women are the stars in the skinny trousers. Who has somewhat stronger legs and a feminine Po, had better access to further cut pants. Even little extra weight on the hips not forgive the tube.

How to combine drainpipes?

Drainpipe trousers can be combined for both the sporty casual look and elegant. As golden fashion rule, closely below – above far. Particularly, the figure-hugging drainpipe trousers therefore tolerated with some other shells, for example, generously sized shirts, a blouse or a casual sweater. Tight tops should be worn with a wide cardigan or a waisted blazer over the tube. If the pants patterned or printed conspicuously, the shell should fail to monochrome plain.

Men's Pants Style Advice

Which shoes fit with skinny pants?

Most beautiful view tubes with high heels to bear. The high heels stretch visually and conjure seductive endless legs. Smaller women cheat so a few centimeters to. In winter drainpipe trousers perfectly fit boots. If you prefer a sporty, you can also wear sneakers. With flat ballerinas the tight pants give a girly look.

What is the ideal length for a pair of skinny trousers?

Drainpipe trousers in different lengths, for example, 7/8 pants for men or regular long version. If you opt for a pair of trousers, you should make sure that these up on the footwear ranges, even while sitting. For flat shoes may also wear tube pants folded over. So buy rather long in doubt.

Mens Pants Style Advice

Further information:

Brands: Arizona, B.C. Best Connections, FLG Flashlights, H.I.S., Laura Scott, MAC, s.Oliver, Sheego, Tom Tailor and many more.

Colors: black, blue, gray, green, beige, white, red, purple, pink, brown, yellow, orange, colorful.

Drainpipe trousers – versatile Trendsetter

Drainpipe trousers are the must-have in the coming autumn and winter season. These stars among women pants will make proverbial legs also your fashion dreams. Drainpipe trousers offer a wonderful basis for fascinating combined outfits that impress in everyday life and on special occasions alike. The matching skinny trousers sets not only your individual style exquisitely staged, but is with the fashionable details even catch the eye – in the pedestrian zone, in the office or in the hottest club scene in major European cities.