Merino Wool Tee Shirt

There are pieces like this: once you know them, you wonder how you have managed to get along without them.

I myself have had some “revelations”. Today, I can not spend the winter without a big stitch. Likewise, I no longer see myself without woolen pants, so much the difference with jeans is talking about the icy winds. They improve so much the daily life that you can not miss it.

And if there is a piece that I regret not having known before, this is the shirt for men Merino Wool …

Why a merino wool tee?

Valentin, my adventurous friend, not until that door (yes, he totally banned cotton T-shirt).

He has continued to sing me praises, particularly its softness and its anti-odor properties. But when I told him it must have been too hot with summer, he said,

This is false, the temperature is very well regulated! During my trip by motorbike in Vietnam this summer, all my base layers (base layer, ie)were T-shirts merino!”

And then one day I had had enough. I remember it very well: I was wearing a sweat shirt and a cotton tee with a bomber. I had mismanaged the thing, I was a little cold … and I hate to have “a little cold”. But I knew that putting a warmer room would be too much. This is where I decided to follow Valentin’s advice.

And then I understood what I had been through for years.

Meanwhile, Alex and I got more and more interested in mountain wear1. He had also bought a tee shirt Merino  Ice Breaker , which convinced him of the merits of this piece in turn.

However, polyamide is found in most cases. Being a technical part, this presence is justified by a need for solidity, avoiding the material to tear.

As for me, I wanted a merino t-shirt only, for the special hand it offers …

Benefits of merino

Wool is decidedly a very special material, even when it is in the form of a jersey.

A case of thermoregulation

Who says wool, says warmth! A merino t-shirt retains it much better than its cotton counterpart. This obviously does not replace a coat, but it is a very practical first layer that makes a good difference. Without being too hot, you feel “an absence of cold”.

Even if the shirt had to be a little wet, you will keep this warm feeling:  wool can absorb 30% of its dry weight before being perceived as wet. For some synthetic fabrics, it is barely 7%.

It also works in reverse. Since wool retains plenty of air compared to cotton, and it wicks moisture, it is also popular in summer as breathable. There is never a feeling of dampness.

Anti-odor properties

It is a matter that does not take odors, including bad ones. Holders of our chunky knit cardigans will see what I mean … Since the merino wicks moisture, perspiration odors can not penetrate.

For example, at the time of writing, I had to wear this tee-shirt two days and do 10 hours of plane. I can also wear it for the return flight without any problem, then I will wash it.

For this reason, it is a very popular room for travelers:

  • No need to change every day (so you can travel light)
  • Regulation of the temperature, including in front of the air conditioning of an airplane,
  • And comfort of the jersey.

The quest for good jersey

100% merino, if not nothing!

That was Alexander’s challenge. It was necessary:

  • find the right jersey without unnecessary synthetic urban context,
  • in a rich color , far from gaudy shades usually reserved for mountain wear,
  • at the right price , because the amounts fly soon as you want a 100% wool jersey (Merino or not).

We therefore chose a 100% merino yarn superfine dress shirt from Italy. It then arrives in our usual workshop in Portugal, where it is knitted then mounted in tee-shirt.

Merinos Vs. Cotton: what benefits?

To say that the merino is in any point superior to the cotton would be dishonest and, for the sake of objectivity, it is necessary to evoke the limits of the merino t-shirt:

  • It is more expensive than cotton, indisputably. For example, it is totally impossible to offer a merino wool tee shirt under the ten euros. Even Décathlon, despite the fact that it was broken at very low prices (some under the € 10 mark), can not get a merino t-shirt for less than € 18 … and again, with 30% acrylic in it .
  • A merino model is less resistant to rubbing than a cotton tee-shirt. Basically, if you go for a trek by wearing the same merino tee for a week, with a well loaded bag several hours a day, it’s going to be a lot of fluffing, or even getting stuck in the toughest conditions. On the other hand, for urban and daily use, there is absolutely no problem.
  • The care is more delicate than a cotton tee-shirt, most of which will withstand without problems 2h30 of washing program at 40 ° C. Here, we must pay more attention. We’ll come back to that.

But the game is worth the candle so that now I hardly carries more t-shirt cotton autumn / winter: they have all been replaced by my t-shirts merino.

The importance of good color

As I told you, technical tee-shirts are often in fairly unlikely colors.

In our case, it was important to offer a rich shade .

This is one of my goals that you get to know: to have a simple color to wear but with something more, that can accompany without problem an open jacket.

In winter underwear, you will be able to wear your tee-shirt as a part in the beautiful days, to integrate to your looks like any other. Needless to say, the colors of mountaineers had no place. My choice fell on a steel gray, which I find both male and easy to match.

With Alex, we really wanted a piece you will not want to part with this winter. An essential piece to travel AND an interesting element for your outfit, due to the visual aspect that a wool mesh brings.

I am very happy with the result. I wanted a comfortable and fluid silhouette, with ease2Whileretaining the look.

I draw your attention to one point: the jersey may shrink very slightly at the first wash, before completely stabilizing. We have therefore provided a little extra length for this purpose.

A building that enhances your

An open collar just what you need

A good T-shirt collar should not be too deep, without strangling you.

Here we have with a ribbed: aesthetic detail, it will prevent the neck from moving over the ports.

An underscored middle

Shoulders hug the shoulders . In this respect, the band of cleanliness does not voluntarily continue to them: the band created unsightly beads, altering the fineness of the shoulders.

How to choose your size ?

The sizing is very classic on this piece, just take your usual size.

How to maintain the room?

If you want to spend the machine, we strongly recommend to use the wool program .

Otherwise, wash it by hand in warm soapy water, then clean water.

You will see, it will dry very quickly!

How to wear a t-shirt for men?

You know: if a good piece to wear without the fuss, this is the shirt .

We still look at some inspirations together.

The final word

I am so proud of this play. But really.

To my knowledge, few French brands offer 100% merino tee-shirt with an urban look, thought from the start as an element that must absolutely bring something into an outfit. A room  that wants above all to its aesthetic qualities and not only for its functionality.

It is this mixture between the techwear and the casual piece that makes me very happy.

I really hope you will enjoy wearing this tee-shirt in all your next adventures, as I was able to do it myself.