Navy Blue Color Trend

Fashion trends: in 2016 smash hit the color navy blue! This shade, much loved in the years ‘ 50 and ‘ 60 back in vogue and is renewed on garments and accessories: here are those not to be missed in 2016, between vintage and contemporary!

There are some fashion trends that cyclically come back, being too good to be permanently abandoned. One of these is represented by the color navy blue. Spread between the years ‘ 50 and ‘ 60, worn by style icons like Brigitte Bardot, navy blue depopulated due to horizontal striped sweater. The trend back then, but must live with the most current to give the right space to every nuance of fashion. The navy has all the features to keep in our hearts: it is a dark but bright, suitable for summer (coupled with the famous white capri pants), is also perfect in business outfit, goes perfectly with jeans, are well matched with dark and light shades, in short, is the color Joker!

A modern navy blue fan is Kate Middleton, already Queen of style, if not yet a nation! The navy has the advantage to be perfect on every garment and accessory, but which ones the 2016 prefers in this shade? The fishy shirt striped in navy blue is a must have for two reasons: the color and the horizontal lines, come back powerfully in favour. Another Chief navy that can not fail ever (not just this year!) is the blazer. Simple, slightly cinched at the waist, the blazer is a garment to wear to work, over a blouse, but also in their free time, with a t shirt and jeans.

Love the bright pastel outfits? Then entrusted the navy to Accessories, which are many! The bags in the first place: betting on trunks, buckets and pochette with chain, fashion models this year. Do not neglect the shoes navy blue, perfect in every season: beautiful and elegant Court shoes with high heels, sporting with character the navy blue sneakers, boots, sandals and even chic when cold weather returns. Beautiful scarves, completely blue in winter and summer ceremonies, broken by white in spring and summer. The navy is a definite tone of blue, you will recognize it because although it is dark, has a brightness that lacks the other shades of Blue: is that to make him loved by 60 years!