New Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 is Even More Stable

Pronate you and want a stable running shoe with much support? Then news of the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 may be the perfect shoe for you!

Nike Air Zoom Structure series of running shoes is known for its stability. And now, the newest version of the shoe launched! If you compare the Nike Air Zoom Structure 19 with the Air Zoom Structure 20 is very much that is new. When Nike developed the new, updated running shoes they had a clear goal:

– We wanted to make it the best pronationskon on the market, says Stine Tomb, product specialist at Nike.

If you have a foot pronate much it means when you run that ends up much of the weight on the inside of the foot and your running style fold inward. Then it can feel good to choose a pair of running shoes stable.

– With much support there is often less running experience and the shoe may feel clumsier, therefore, was precisely comfort in focus now.

To make the Air Zoom Structure 20, smoother Nike took away some of the support in the midsole and worked instead to create a better geometry in it, which affects the stability enormously.

– The change here was that we did midsole little wider in the forefoot and heel, and that we also angled to the slightly different as the “steadier” to the ground. At the same time, we made the top very stable in that we add dynamic fit, which can be compared to a hand that grips around the foot.

 What type of runners fit these shoes?

– Air Zoom Structure 20 is ideal for runners who want more support during your run. This is a pronationssko having a very responsive running experience.

How does the run in?

– After the update, this is a shoe that provides maximum stability for pronation and which also has a great running experience. Structure located in our category for “Run faster” and its Air Zoom cushion in the sole makes it very responsive. Overall, this Air Zoom Structure 20 is the perfect shoe to wear faster your race or for those who want a little more responsive shoe on your long running routes.

What is their size?

– In terms of size they should be the same as Structure 19. But as with any running shoes, I recommend that you go up at least half the size compared to your regular sneakers.