Oscar Jacobson Suits

The quest for the perfect suit continues. After the earlier this spring have tried and evaluated Cavalieres MTM service we thought it was interesting to try an option from another Swedish kostymtillverkare in the form of Oscar Jacobson’s Single Piece.

Oscar Jacobson Suits

Single Piece should not be confused with Made to Measure without the service should be seen as a price wise attractive alternative for those looking for vintage suits from Internetages, but where the options regarding the fit is not as wide. The customer is offered a seasonal tygbunt that is constantly updated with interesting fabrics from quality manufacturers such as Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis, Moon, Luigi Botto, Cerutti, Marlane Biella etc. There is everything from formal fabrics suitable for a tuxedo or business suit to thin and mönstade linen and cotton fabrics. After selecting the fabric to get the customer on the basis of a sketchbook choose form on jacket and pant. There are a variety of options depending on taste and degree of formality. In the next step select the customer size and is based on a standard model. There is also the possibility to derogate from the sizes to get a better fit. It shall, however, be added that the options regarding adjustments are relatively limited.

When the order is ready to be sent the order to the Oscar Jacobson’s factory in Lithuania where it is sewn up and comes after a month. In our case, we chose to make a versatile easy their summer clothes that can be used on all those parties who have a tendency to come at this time of year.It can be carried free with a linen shirt and loafers, but also at the Office in the form of formal events during the summer months. To achieve all this, the choice fell on a relatively light gray tint in a thin super 120 fabric with beautiful luster from Italian Marlane Biella, a by all manufacturers in the Marzotto group. To get a versatile Blazer was elected model Earl normally present during Oscar Jacobson’s line Sartorial Leisure. It is described as soft structured and have very soft shoulders, a very pretty building but is fully lined. It is slightly shorter in the model than can be considered classical. Otherwise, the two buttons and straight pockets with flaps.

That Pant was elected to that of Oscar Jacobson popular model Dean. These trousers are a bit narrower with tapered width and a wide spread of about 4 cm. This service is so interesting when you want to create something of their own with a good fit. For it to be good, it may be sensible to use an Oscar Jacobson dealer with a huge selection so that you can test out what model you like. It is also an advantage if the staff that helps is skilled in tailoring which just adjustments directly saves both time and money for clients and leads to a costume you get can be worn from day one when it arrives.
Cost wise is a service on the usual cost of a suit or Blazer from this brand that is. about 3000-4000 USD for a Blazer and 4000-6000 kr for a costume plus an allowance of approx. 500 SEK for the service as such and a small fee for the adjustments to make.

All in all, a great value service with the feeling of creating something unique with great fit. It must again be said not to have the expectations and requirements of an MTM service but which on the other hand, costs about twice as much.