Pantone Announces the Colors of 2016

Since the year 2000 The Pantone Institute announces what will be the color of the year in the fashion world. In 2015, it was Marsala’s turn, a wine color mixed with brown and a shade of red. But for the year 2016 was not chosen “the color of the year” and yes, “the colors of the year” that will be: Serenity (Pantone 15 – 3919) and Rosa Quartz (Pantone 13 – 1520).

Pantone Announces the Colors of 2016

The Pantone Institute

There is a lot of talk about Pantone. But, do you know who we’re talking about? Pantone is a company famous for its color scale that is widely used in the printing industry. In 1962 it was a company that manufactured only color cards for the cosmetics business. In 1963 he created his first color system and has since become an absolute success in the market.

The colors of 2016

Everything that Pantone says turns out to be a trend on the runways and also in the cosmetics industry. Probably, if you went to an enamel last year you may have come across several glazed enamel glasses with Marsala color or pretty colors.

With Rosa Quartz and Serenity, the institute wants to show, through colors, the well-being, the peace, the serenity, leaving the combination of colors more inviting and welcoming. The colors indicated by the company are even used in the decoration of the house. And with the soft colors of this year, it will become much easier to decorate a room of the house with the colors of fashion.

You must have realized that here we have a tone of rose and a tone of blue, colors that, inevitably, we end up relating to the feminine gender and the masculine, respectively. This mix of colors that Pantone created in launching these trends for 2016 also marks gender equality.