Paris Hilton Looking for Friend in a New Reality Show on MTV

We return with Paris Hilton, time has not appear here, the last news we had of it was related to his new line of shoes, which was notable for the simple fact to make us believe that she had done something more to put the image. We are now back with the Miss Hilton in its usual context: television.

The television It is where got his current fame, without the help they gave certain video via Internet, So the realities its habitat are preferred, perfect for the attention and clash as the girl’s dad who is (memorable was the show that made with her) ex-friend Nicole Richie).

The MTV, that chain that began looking for their favorite target in music and now only sees teens interested in the more macabre themes, has just unveiled the images of the new Paris Hilton show, entitled: Paris Hilton’s My New BFF.

The reality in question deal with the coexistence of 20 women in the same House, who will compete to see who get become a friend of Paris Hilton. Yes, as pathetic as it is read.

In Autumn It is when we see the results of thisTV Ventura, where no shortage of moments to remember (for worse, surely).