Pink and Grey – a Stunning Color Combination

A timeless and stylish color combination, pink and gray!

The color match is not easy, some colors are perfect together, others cut themselves totally. But there are a few safe bets, black and white is an old classic, another is pink and gray

The color combining their clothes right can be a little semi-hard sometimes, I think we all. Make extra sure, I recommend you to check out our guide, there is a clear and simple guide where you’ll learn everything you need to know about color matching clothes.
Here, however, a quick and watertight tip, pink and gray!

Pink and gray is always really nicely together. It fits any occasion and fashion style, it is an equally obvious combination of brown and blue.

Good combinations of pink and gray

Here are some examples of really good combinations to get the maximum out of the pink and gray together.

  • A gray or dark gray suit with pink shirt
  • Grey blazer with pink polo
  • light pink chinos with gray shirt / polo
  • gray suit, gray shirt and pink handkerchief