Plus Size Fashion Tips: Smart Clothes In Large Sizes For Short People

If you are a plus size at 163 cm or shorter then you need to look for map plus size clothing, and work strategically with prints, shapes and other details – helps you look taller.

Plus Size Fashion Tips Smart Clothes In Large Sizes For Short People

Here are 3 tips on how to look thinner with clothing and accessories:

  1. Wear heels. If you don’t absolutely love high heels, so 2-5 cm enough to slim your legs and body measurements.
  2. Go for knee-length (or shorter) skirts and shorts. If you have muscular legs, so avoid clothing that stretches right at the fattest part of your legs. It keeps the focus on this area, and can be visually make you look more callous out!
  3. Show more skin. Deep necklines and short (knee-length or shorter) skirts and dresses will instant slim your entire figure. It might be a little too risqué for the conservative taste, but as long as you keep the other hand modestly dressed are you sure!

For example, you can wear a smart shirt with deep neckline and go for a slightly more conservative pair of pants or skirt.